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Friday, May 6, 2016

'Crazy Folks, Go Go'

Saturday, October 29, 2011

That did it.

Kennett Indians Stadium. Circa 1972. Kennett Indians v. Insert Team Here.

That night made me a fan of sports. Unscripted God-Bless-It drama. And all its pain and joy.

Quarterback/punter David Tippen was on the field.

Otherwise known as our next-door neighbor back then. (Ironically enough, his parents still are mine.)

If memory serves, Tipp is in punt formation somewhere around mid-field. AT THAT POINT I turned to my dad and said the following sentence:

"I got Dave's autograph the other day during football practice." (Dave actually did hold practices in his backyard back then for the neighbor boys.)

Well, Dad did what dads do at the hearing of this information.

Let's just say he pooh-poohed the notion. Gave it the deserved amount of consideration. I.e. zero.

AT THAT POINT Tippen took the snap and proceeded up through the line and on into the endzone for a touchdown. Very exciting.

AT THAT POINT in the middle of the run, at the height of the hysteria that makes sports so, at times, euphoric, as it became clear that he would score on a fake punt, dad exclaimed(!), "Get me his autograph, too!"

Get me his autograph, too. Exclamation. Point.

A grown man said that -- hollered it is a better word -- about the kid next door.

But at that point he was a hero. Where else does one find heroes? Zero. Emergency rooms maybe. Burning buildings maybe. Animal shelters maybe. Crime scenes maybe. Not enough crowds full of cheering there maybe. Too much drama there maybe.

But ah....Sports. And of course, winning. Cheering . Gating of the tail. Ah.


I watched the greatest game of your life last night (Thursday). At least I watched some of it. I had to take the last few innings off because of my travel plans yesterday (Friday). The Cardinals are, as of this writing, now one game closer to their most improbable (there HAS to be a better word*) championship in their history because of it.

Fan is, of course, the short version of fanatic.

This weekend we're all fanatics.

Win or lose.

It's unscripted. And dramatic. Inconceivable.*


I'm sorry I've been lazy in my column writing lately.

There's this baseball team that I follow...

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