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Monday, June 27, 2016

First Bell

Friday, August 19, 2011

Yesterday, students in the Kennett School District kicked off the 2011-2012 school year. On Monday, my son will join the ranks as he starts preschool.

We met his teacher, Ms. Bell, during a home visit on Wednesday, and Jacob was very well behaved. I hope he continues to mind his manners once he officially starts.

The Back to School season takes me back to my childhood. In August 1988, I made the long walk from my front porch, across my sandy front yard, and stepped onto the big yellow bus for the first time. Kindergarten. Over the next 13 years, I met many new faces and formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

In May 2001, 10 years ago this year, I walked across the stage at Senath-Hornersville High School, said good-bye to the majority of those faces that I had come to know, and ventured out into the big, bad world.

I hope my son has the same guidance going through school as I had, as teacher's have an important part in children's lives.

I want to thank my teachers for helping shape me into the man I have become. Your role in my development is as important as the friends and family who also shaped my future.

To all teachers, I offer an honorary apple to sit at the corners of your desks. Thank you for all you do.

* * *

Fall into Arts

In case you haven't heard, on Sept. 10-11, the newly formed Kennett Alliance for the Arts (KAFTA) will be putting on a two-day art festival on the Downtown Square featuring an art show and sale, music, crafts, performances, and photo contests.

The event is an expansion over last year's "Follow Your Art," event, put on by the CottonBoll Artist League.

It looks like the two-day festival will offer something for everyone, and several local and regional performers will serenade the crowds as they check out the showcases set up around the square.

Events like the art festival and upcoming Fall Concert Series are helping to breath new life into Downtown Kennett.

* * *

Join the horde

Speaking of art, anyone with a flair for zombie should check out my Canadian friend Byron Rempel's latest project.

Byron is putting together a custom print T-shirt featuring zombifications of those wishing to be immortalized.

Check his project out at indiegogo.com/zombieshirt.

* * *


Congratulations are in order for Sara Graves, executive director for the Kennett Downtown Revitalization Program.

On Saturday, August 13, Sara welcomed her new baby, Waylon, into the world. The bouncing baby boy was just over eight pounds and was 20 inches long.

I wonder how long it will be until little Ava starts dressing him up in doll clothes?

* * *

Puppy Love

Congratulations also go out to Terri Katherine Crawford, who welcomed home a new "baby" of her own on Wednesday.

One advantage Terri has over Sara is she won't be out any money for diapers, as she said her new baby is already house trained.

George Anderson is the managing editor of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat.

George Anderson
From the Desk