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Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer time fun

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
On the golf course

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Pu on his first ever hole-in-one. Steve had his ace last Saturday at the local golf course on hole number 8. The hole was playing about 155 yards that day and I think Steve may have hit a 9-iron from the tee box.

Steve did his part later when it came to the 19th hole and treated his friends to a toast of their choice, which brings to mind something else. The only person who wins on these holes-in-one is Rick McCormick.

Most of us were surprised to learn that this was Steve's first ace. For one, he plays a lot of golf. And two, he's a pretty good golfer although he's been known to come up just a little short of the green on most shots. That plays into his strength though because he has what's known as a "good short game," meaning he plays well around the green.

So after learning of his ace most of us figured one of his playing partners told him which club to hit.

* * *

In the swimming pool

Barbie Pemberton stopped by the table while my wife and I were having dinner with Daryl and Vicky Wilcoxson last Wednesday evening.

When Lee mentioned to Barbie that she hadn't seen her much this summer and wondered what she was doing to stay so busy (it's not strawberry season now) Barbie replied, "Oh, swimming lessons and just busy."

I was immediately impressed that Barbie has decided to learn to swim.

* * *

At the mall

A lot of folks take in a little shopping trip when they go on vacation. It's not uncommon and with a lot of outlet malls between here and the coast it can be an opportunity to pick up something not readily found in local or nearby stores.

Although some folks go to great lengths to take in a shopping trip while on vacation. Folks like the Lynn family.

Justin Lynn, David and Julie's son, is off to college this year. He's going to Auburn University, home of Tigers, (or is it the War Eagle) next month. Justin went down a little early for an outing and to get acquainted with folks he'll be going to school with.

The family came down a few days later, spent the night then the entire family went on to the Redneck Riviera, a vacation hotspot on the Gulf Coast. When they got to the condo they began unpacking and discovered someone had left all the hanging clothes hanging, in the motel room closet back at Auburn.

David was quick to point out that it wasn't him. He was in the car waiting on everyone else and said he asked, "Have we got everything?" just like a dad is supposed to do on these trips. That means, asking, not actually getting anything, I believe.

They called the motel and learned the clothes had been found and were in safe keeping. To ship the clothes would have been around $75 and would likely take 2-3 days. That would have been fine, except they needed the clothes then.

First family excursion on vacation was a trip to the mall. The last family excursion was a trip back through Auburn to pick up the clothes left behind on the way down.

* * *

Back to the golf course, or "There's an app for that"

Smartphones offer things called "apps," little software gadgets that perform all sorts of tasks. One such app is a GPS (global positioning system) app for golfers. The golfer downloads the app onto his or her phone and it can then be used to tell them how far it is to the green from for their next shot. And it's possible to program in multiple courses for use with their app.

John Henry Stephens has a golf GPS app on his smartphone. Henry plays a lot of golf at the local course, but occasionally travels to other courses as well. A couple of weeks ago he went to Jonesboro to play the Sage Meadow course. He programmed that course into his GPS.

A couple of days later Henry stepped up on the first tee box at the local course and turned his GPS on. It told him it was 41.5 miles to the first green. His playing partners said that after a puzzled look for a few minutes Henry realized he had forgotten to re-program the GPS.

* * *

On the football field

Yes, I know football is a fall sport but training camps actually start in the summer and now that the NFL and NFLPA have agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement professional training camps are about to open. It's about time too because it turns out he was right.

Regular readers will recall I took note of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis's comment back in May who said that if there was no agreement reached crime would be going up across America. Lewis was right.

According to FoxSports.com, with the arrest of Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Paul Hubbard, last week 24 NFL players were arrested during the lockout.

* * *

Skew the numbers

An Associated Press story last week made blaring headlines; "Census shows increase in Mo. same-sex households. The article blares out that the number of same-sex households in the state has increase by 60% over the last decade. The article tells us there are 15,200 same-sex households in the state.

It took a little bit of effort on my part, but only a little and certainly wouldn't have taken much on the part of the AP reporter's part either, to put that number in perspective.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 data, there were 2,322,238 households in Missouri. That means that if there were 15,200 households with same-sex partners we're talking about .65% of the total households in the state.

I don't really care about the number of same-sex households in Missouri one way or another. What I do care about is reporting with an agenda and that certainly looks like what has happened in this instance. The writer didn't do his or her homework and now I'm guessing a lot of readers are left to wondering if it's intentional.

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