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Horseradish: Use it all year long

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Larry Eiker
This is the year of the (Armoracia ristocama) or Horseradish by the International Herb Association as the Herb of the Year 2011. This root has been around for thousands of years for its culinary virtues and medicinal purposes. This strong flavored root has a bite and is also is hot and spicy. It has cousins like the mustard, cress, and radish.

Greeks, Romans, Egyptians to medieval and contemporary Europeans and Americans have used Horseradish have used for medicinal reasons. The Americans have or now using this herb for digestive disorder, coughs, poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism and high blood pressure. See your MD before going on your own program and if you have low-function thyroids, stay away from this herb.

In the ancient times it was one of the bitter herbs used in the Jewish Passover meals. In the 17th century it was mixed with wormwood and tansy to make horseradish ale for tired travelers. In the 18th century Heinz introduced this as his first product and grew to the one of the world's most successful food manufacturing today.

Today this herb is used primarily as a commercially prepared condiment rather than a vibrant plant in our personal garden.

Now what due I do with a tablespoon of prepared horseradish? Glad I asked. Read on for at least a dozen ways to use this herb.

1 First go to iherb.org and horseradish.org on the internet.

2 If you like a Bloody Mary drink, stir in some horseradish into the pitcher and pour your self a glass.

3 Serve with corned beef and cabbage and you always should put some on your Reuben sandwich.

4 In beef stroganoff for more kick. It goes well with the sour cream, mushrooms, and the beef

5 For cracker, chips, or crudités, stir some into eight ounces of soften cream cheese, shape into a ball or log; chill; top with ½ cup of your favorite fruit preserves or jam.

6 With that low cost stuff called pasta sauce at the store, put in some horseradish in the sauce that has been heated and then put on some freshly cooked pasta. A little dap will go a long ways or something like that.

7 Of course, deli items like potato salad, cole slaw, egg salad, or macaroni salad will be a whole lot tastier.

8 When you dig into a hot grilled beef rib-eye steak be sure you have made about ½ cup sour cream mixed with ½ cup of whipped cream to put on serving.

9 To dress up bottled salad dressing or a freshly made vinaigrette, put some in the dressing for new zest in your salad.

10 To go to the top of the class when making a roast beef sandwich, stir it into a cup of your best mayonnaise along with ½ a teaspoon of granulated garlic and celery seed. Be wild and spread generously on both pieces of read to dress up your sandwich. Arby's has their mild blend but I like it a little tastier.

11 For your fried seafood, add horseradish to your cup of tartar sauce and dig in for a new taste.

12 Everyone uses seafood cocktail sauce that has been commercially prepared. Same ole, same ole stuff. Add some kick with horseradish and your guests will love the taste.

I have run out of ideas but remember July is the National Horseradish Month. Also read the June 2011 issue of Louisiana Cookin' where I learned more about horseradish.

Have a Happy

Larry Eiker is a Kennett resident who enjoys traveling all over the world and experiencing

great food, while bringing some of those ideas back home to the Bootheel to share with others.

Larry Eiker
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