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'Tax Me Out To The Ballgame'

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christian Lopez is a N.Y. Yankees fan. I thought David Felker was the only one; but apparently not. (Little joke there.)

Last Saturday Christian had what us baseball fans call a good day. Better'n good, actually. And it was his birthday, too.

Last Saturday, Christian's favorite player on his favorite team and Christian were in the same building.

Yankee Stadium.

You see, Christian's cool girlfriend had bought him tickets (for him and his father) for last Saturday's game for his birthday. Just so happened that his favorite player, one Derek Jeter, was on pace to hit his truly historic 3000th hit on that day as well. Only 27 players had ever done so, and as importantly, none had been a Yankee, much less a life-long Yankee. Christian's girlfriend has great timing.

So Christian Lopez and his dad are sitting right at the top of a wall in left-center field enjoying a Chamber Of Commerce-type New York afternoon. I'm sure a couple three frosty cold ones were enjoyed as they watched The Captain hit his first of what would be five hits total that day.

But the one that counted was the home run.

And guess who caught it?

Did we mention that Christian Lopez was a defensive tackle in college? He pounced on it like a hungry jaguar on a gazelle.

Then he held it up. High. And tight. Life was good. Christian was living the dream. His girlfriend was really cool now. Christian was in legal and otherwise possession of arguably one of the most important ten or twenty homerun baseballs in Major League history. And he clearly knew it. Christian had been a Yankees fan the way my wife is a Cardinals fan. Loyal. To a fault. Love em when they rock. Love em when they fall. (At this point, I can't help myself. I must remind y'all that of course being a Yankees fan, Felker, is rather like going to a casino and root-root-rooting for the dealers.)

So back to our story. Most of you know what happened next. To quote The Times:

"Stadium security guards, who had been prepared for the event, whisked Mr. Lopez and his father to the office of the team president, Randy Levine, where officials asked his intentions, according to a team spokeswoman.

"He goes, 'What do you want?' Mr. Lopez said Monday at a Verizon store in Middletown, N.Y., where he works in customer service. "I was like, 'How about a couple signed balls, some jerseys and bats.' He said. 'O.K., I can definitely do that.'"

Yep, basically Christian gave the ball back to his idol. Who's ultra-rich enough to have purchased it from him. But in Christian's opinion, the ball belonged to Jeter, not Lopez.

I know, right?



So there's more, of course. Paul Harvey more.

So Yankees, Inc. decided to do at least a little something for Christian Lopez.

1) Four front-row Champion Suite tickets for the remainder of the season. Plus for Sunday's game, four front-row Legends seats (girlfriend better have had first dibs!).

2) Three bats, three balls, and two jerseys, all signed by Jeter.

All's well that ends well my ass.


To further quote from The Times: "In such gratitude begins tax liability, said Paul Caron, a tax professor at the University of Cincinnati law school and author of Tax Prof Blog. Pretty clearly he's going to have to report as income the value of all the stuff he got for the ball," Professor Caron said."

More like No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.


So on this politically 'important' weekend, during which our elected 'leaders' will be arguing about such 'important' issues as our national debt and our national addiction to The Yen, let us remember that all taxes do actually serve some purpose.

I guess.

But they can sure make a sunny day - both literally and figuratively - stormy.
[Author's Note: For those of you playing along, two jurors in the Casey Anthony case were quoted this week as saying that the possibility of George Anthony being not only involved in a cover-up but possibly the murder itself was discussed seriously and extensively during deliberations. His testimonies, and his combativeness were specifically noted.]

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