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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another house guest

Friday, July 15, 2011

George Anderson
If you read last week's column, you'll know that my wife and I recently fostered a dog for the Kennett Humane Department. She stayed with us for about a week, getting adopted last Thursday. This past Saturday, we offered another four-legged friend a temporary home.

Our current guest is about six weeks old and officially weighs in at a "hefty" 4.4 pounds. I'm not sure of the breed, and as bad as I hate to admit it, the little guy, whom my wife has named Tobey, is adorable. So much so, that she told me Thursday at lunch that she hopes we can find a home for him soon...before she has to keep him. She sometimes forgets the meaning of the word "temporary." Just ask our dog Emma.

She was brought home to stay with us "temporarily" after an adoption in May 2010 because she was sick. She's now a member of the family.


In brightest day...

The same day that Tobey came to visit, I took my son to see the new "Green Lantern" movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

My son, who has been running around shooting me with his Green Lantern ring for about a month, was excited to see the movie and sat through the entire thing...which is more than I can say for the last movie about a green character he and I went to see.

About halfway through "Shrek: Forever After," my son decided it was more entertaining to get up and down out of his seat, try to walk up and down the aisle, and talk continuously.

Maybe Shrek should've donned a glowing body suit and green mask.


What's in the water at Hornersville?

Has anyone else noticed the monsters coming out of the river at Hornersville?

In the last month, I know of two 30+ pound catfish and a large alligator snapping turtle that have been pulled from the waters near the rural community.

The catfish were caught by the Singleton family of Kennett, and one of the fish was featured in a photo in the DDD (Tuesday, June 21, 2011).

The turtle was photographed by Dustin Pritchett and also found its way into the DDD (Friday, July 8, 2011).

I'm beginning to wonder if Nessie is going to make the move from Scotland to the easy living of Southeast Missouri.

George Anderson is the managing editor of the Daily Dunklin Democrat.

George Anderson
From the Desk