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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Answer Man

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Q: Will Rory Mcillroy become a big time super star?

A: We can certainly hope so.

It is always refreshing in any sport to have a hero who doesn't blow his own horn, doesn't pound his chest, doesn't make a ballistic demonstration when things go right, doesn't pout and shout obscenities around a TV camera when things go wrong, who appears to be having fun, who seems appreciative of how good life has been to him, and is involved in humanitarian work at a very young age.

Right now U.S. Open winner, Rory Mcillroy, fills the bill; and we can only hope he wins many other tournaments and maintains his perspective on life. It will be a challenge.

So young - he is fifty years away from the Viagra Zone. Providing he is a normal young male, he will have a healthy regard for the magnificent obsession.

This will be severely tested as his cup will runneth over with temptations as every groupie, lounge-lizard, fortune hunter, autograph hound, and even some lustful house Fraus, invade his world like ants at a picnic.

Not handsome by accepted standards, he is nevertheless appealing with a pleasant demeanor, and a cheerful smile. He will have enough money to fill the outfield at Bush Stadium, and a world-wide celebrity that will be a magnet for those seeking attention for themselves.

He also has one hell of a golf swing!!!!

It will be interesting to see just what happens with Rory. It matters not what country he comes from, or even if he is just a temporary sensation. It's just nice to have someone for a while who is......nice.

Q: Who is Phil Harris?

A: At one time he was a big time celebrity.

Bud Hunt in his "View from the Square" revealed youthful innocence - plus paying attention to the modern generation - when he identified comedian and musician, Phis Harris, as the voice of Baloo in "The Jungle Book."

True. This was Phil during the latter part of his career.

But at one time Phil Harris was a household name by making weekly appearances on the old Jack Benny radio show which was at the top of the ladder when radio was king.

It was a ritual on Sunday evening for millions and millions of Americans to tune in to "The Jack Benny Show" where among the many running gags was a face-to-face trading of insults by Jack and bandleader, Phil. Jack called Phil and his band a collection of drunken reprobates.

Phil Harris, and his entire band, joined the service when Pearl Harbor was bombed. They stayed until the end.

Phil had many successful individual recordings, with his biggest hit being "That's what I like about the South." He had another called "Dark Town Poker Club" that wouldn't play today because of some generalized ethic dialogue that might be offensive to some. It was comedic and had no evil intent. And when measured against some of the hate filled- so called art forms - of today, it would be kid stuff.

When Meredith Wilson was writing the score for "The Music Man" he had Phil Harris in mind for the leading role. Phil turned it down saying it was too corny for modern times. So Robert Preston got the part, and "The Music Man" became one of the most sensational Broadway hits ever. Phil ruefully admitted it was his worst career decision.

Although Phil Harris built a show biz character somewhat like an early Dean Martin, a guy who didn't take life too seriously, and enjoyed a scotch & water, or a dry martini, he - like Martin - was more a family man. He was married for fifty four years to the same woman. He left this world at the age of ninety one.

The Answer man
The Answer Man