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Friday, May 6, 2016

More questions than answers

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A few questions to ponder as we enjoy the warmer temperatures melting away memories of the long (really long) cold winter:

How many more speed bumps can MoDot put in on Highway 25 between Holcomb and Bernie under the aegis of repair?

Will Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan send U.S. Rep Todd Akin (R-Mo) a thank you note as suggested by the Post-Dispatch newspaper for backing her opposition to a voter identification bill? Carnahan opposes the idea because she says some 23,000 Missourians do not have up to date driver's licenses with the correct address. Akin agrees. Since the representative from Missouri's Second District doesn't have a correct address on his own driver's license. At least he didn't but I suspect the announced Second District representative and announced candidate for Congress has fixed the problem. Akin lives in the enclave of Wildwood and apparently has since 2007. However, he has voted in the suburb of Town and Country 10 times since 2007. Again, that comes per the P-D which will undoubtedly endorse Democrat Claire McCaskill in her re-election bid and will magically forget about her airplane troubles.

Does Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), and the new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, know the difference between a foreign automobile and a domestically manufactured automobile? In one of her opening speeches since ascending to the post Wasserman Schultz assailed Republicans for opposing the Obama Administration's bailout of American automakers.

"If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes."

Uh, what about that Japanese made Infiniti FX35 in your own driveway?

One more for the new DNC head just because it's fun.

What is the definition of illegal?

Wasserman Schultz chastised Republicans for believing that illegal immigration "should in fact be a crime," according to SNSNEWs.com. According to her website, the representative has a master's degree in political science but perhaps she should have taken at least one course in law.

One final question.

With over half the states in the country suing to stop Obamacare from becoming law, why did Missouri Attorney General Chris Kostner opt not to file a similar lawsuit on behalf of Missourians?

* * *


When it comes to a wedding making a good appearance is just as big a deal to many of the attending guests as it is to the bride, groom and mothers of the beloved couple. Some folks will spend hours selecting the right dress and as we learned recently, some guys apparently take the same amount of care in selecting what they plan to wear to the big event.

Of course getting the right dress, or suit in this case is important. And once the dress, or suit, has been chosen it becomes necessary to find just the right pair of shoes to wear with said dress, or suit.

Such was the case in the days leading up to Katelyn Geary's wedding to Jeff Lenhart. Personally, I can tell you my wife bought a dress several months ago that she planned to wear to that wedding. I'm sure when she bought the dress she probably had some idea of the shoes she would wear as well. I think she may have bought a new pair to match her dress.

In the days leading up to the wedding one of our local fellows had a dilemma with his shoes. Apparently he had settled on his suit, but wasn't sure about the shoes. He proceeded to try on several pair.

It was while trying on a pair of shoes in the bathroom -- I guess that's where the mirror was -- that he began to lose his balance. He leaned over to catch himself on the commode while standing on one foot and trying to wedge a shoe on the other foot.

As he was tipping over he looked at the commode and noticed someone, (I wonder who?), had left the seat up on the commode. Without a seat to catch himself he was headed for the bottom of the bowl.

In a last desperate attempt to keep from falling (foot-first?) into the commode he lurched toward the back of the commode. By then it was too late.

Completely off balance and nothing between himself and the commode he slammed into the water tank on the back of the commode. A mighty crash was heard and the tank was in pieces. Water was everywhere including the shoes he was working so hard to get on his feet.

A plumber was called, the commode was repaired and order was restored. A couple of days later when Shirley Stephens headed off to Kathlyn and Jeff's wedding she was on the arm of her favorite fellow looking all spiffy in his suit and shiny shoes. Reports are John Henry was only limping a little bit and Shirley was kind enough not to drag him out to the dance floor that evening.

* * *

Important role

With budgeting underway for next year the local chamber of commerce made its annual appearance before the Kennett City Council asking again to be funded for the work it does on behalf of the city in economic development and tourism marketing.

Both are important roles the chamber takes on for the city. Neither job is easy and even more important than in some prior years

In today's environment money has to be used at least as wisely as it has in the past. The council needs to use its limited resources wisely. I believe continuing to fund the chamber's efforts on behalf of the city and its residents is a necessary and appropriate use of the tax money our city government operates on.

Bud Hunt is regional vice

president, publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.