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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sporting developments make one think

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Questions to ponder as we get ready for the summer season that's finally arrived.

Who will be the first NFL player arrested this fall because of the professional football lockout?

None of us should be surprised when that happens because Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis, pretty well told us crime would be going up if owners and players can't get together on a new collective bargaining agreement.

What has Ryan Franklin, former closer for the St. Louis Cardinals, got on manager Tony LaRussa?

Franklin, who lost the closer spot earlier this year is rocking along with an earned-run-average (ERA) that approaches the national debt ceiling. So instead of sending Franklin for rehab LaRussa sends down the youngster trying to take over the closer role on the ballclub, Mitchell Boggs. At the time Boggs was demoted his ERA was 6.48. Franklin's is at 10.03 and climbing like mercury on a dog day of summer.

Did Kennett school superintendent Chris Wilson even think about rescheduling the high school graduation because the baseball team won and was moving on to the next round? With the game scheduled for Thursday in north St. Louis it would have been tough to play in the afternoon and get back for the eight o'clock ceremony. Such was never a consideration. As soon as the game was over the super was on the phone getting the game rescheduled instead.

* * *

Just being thrifty

Recently Larry Jones took a trip to Texas. When Larry takes a trip that usually means he's flying as opposed to most of the rest of us who drive. However, once Larry lands on the ground he still needs transportation.

On his Texas trip Larry chose not to rent a car. Renting a car would be an additional expense and his friends know that spending money is something Larry doesn't do well or often if he can help it at all.

Larry found a car to borrow. I don't know if it was one that was a loaner at the airport or if the car was from a friend. What I do know is that once Larry returned to Kennett he discovered something extra in his pockets.

The owner of the car needed those keys back in Texas so Larry sent his wife, Beverly, to one of our local merchants that serves as a shipping center for a package service. The bill to return those keys was $45.

Beverly fretted about telling Larry how much it cost because she knows how, um, frugal, he is.

She told Donnie Burke, who was shipping the keys for Larry that her hubby wasn't going to be happy that his forgetfulness was going to cost him.

Donnie, being the kind, gentle soul he can be on rare occasions, offered to put a little can on his counter for customers to contribute to Larry's key-mailing fund. That is not the first time Donnie has stepped in to help his friend out so no one should have been surprised at Donnie's gesture.

A couple of years ago Larry picked up a quart of paint for a small job at the house. The color wasn't quite right and so he asked Donnie to find a way to make the color work. Unfortunately there wasn't and it meant Larry was going to have to buy another entire quart of paint

Anyway, that was the first time Donnie put a tin can on the counter to help Larry with his unexpected expenses. I don't think there were many contributors (that may have been the year Larry didn't get to take a vacation).

I don't think there has been many coins in the can for the key expense either.

* * *

Rescue service

One of our local fellows who enjoys riding motorcycles had an unfortunate, but rather lucky, accident recently. While riding along a dirt road Steve Atwill ended up in the ditch. He was a little sore but otherwise felt like he was in pretty good shape.

He called a friend, Wayne Kincade who has a wrecker service, to help him get the motorcycle out of the ditch.

Steve was willing to pay Wayne for his help. And, Wayne could probably have gotten any amount he wanted if he had been willing to agree to one condition Steve was asking for.

"Please don't tell anyone?" Steve asked, according to the source who related the story to me. By anyone Steve really meant his wife, JoAnn.

Not only did he turn down what could have been a generous sum, Wayne told Steve he was going to tell everyone and I think specifically said he was going to tell, Mrs. Steve Atwill. The jig was up. His friend didn't mind a bit helping him out of the spot, but once Wayne knew Steve was healthy he couldn't pass up the chance to get one on him.

Bud Hunt is regional vice

president, publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.