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Monday, May 2, 2016

It's all about perceptions

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Steve Willis saw the photograph in last weekend's Parade magazine of Mickey Mantle taken before Game Five of the 1964 World Series (which the Cardinals won in seven). The writer was Roger Rosenblatt, a typical New York native, who actually wrote "...which the Yankees lost to the Cardinals in seven," obviously thinking that the most important thing was that the Yankees lost the series.

Being a New Yawker Rosenblatt probably assumed the Yankees losing was the big news. I suppose the story line depends on one's perception.

* * *

Look out Kennett

Up front let me make apologies to all the other grandparents out there who likely, and justifiably so, believe their own little darling to be the Princess or Prince. Again, I suppose it depends on one's perception.

The Princess gets formally introduced to her dad's hometown this weekend. Aubrey Paige Nichols will make her Kennett debut this weekend. I was going to suggest we have a formal reception and introduction to the community. That idea didn't go very far so we'll just settle for taking her to church Sunday morning and showing her off there. Maybe a couple other places, depending on the weather.

* * *

Webcasting news

This past season was the first we've done webcasting for several area schools. Without mentioning names or schools because that would not seem to be appropriate in this instance we had an interesting request last week.

A college coach called Dustin Ward, the DDD's sports editor, looking for video of a girls game from one of the Dunklin County schools. The coach said he had some interest in recruiting this young lady and was looking for some video highlights.

We're not sure if there's any available, because of how our webcasting works, basically we provide the equipment and service while students handle the on-air and camera duties. Dustin is checking with our media coordinator to see if there might be some available.

Apparently the coach had looked at the website, saw the webcasting and was looking for video. That's not the first we've had someone use webcasting video for college recruiting, although the ones I am familiar with involve parents. Copies of the games on dvd can be a pretty good resource for something like that or a good keepsake if nothing else.

* * *

More webcasting news

With election night upon us the newspaper is all set to webcast election returns from the courthouse this coming Tuesday evening. Our own Donnie Shelton will be making his on-air debut with Shawn Hudson handling the technical side of things.

* * *

More college athlete news

Congratulations to Andy Lack for inking a scholarship to play baseball with Southeast Missouri State University. Proving how smart, as well as athletic, he is, Andy passed up a suggestion that came his way.

It was suggested that since he has the baseball thing all wrapped up he might want to play with the high school golf team this spring. He knocks the ball a country mile (a country mile is a little longer than a regular mile just like a New York second is a little less than a regular second).

Andy showed up at the luncheon meeting of the (almost) Downtown Quarterback Club last week after he signed the deal. Several guys were wanting his autograph but they were a little too shy to ask. They also knew that since Andy's now an official "NCAA scholar athlete" he cannot collect money for those autographs and at least a couple of the DQC members would have had Andy's autograph on eBay before the afternoon was out.

* * *

It's in the mail

That old yarn of "The check's in the mail" took a new twist recently with the unfortunate fire in the mail truck Jackie Hughes was driving.

Seems Scott and Cindy Tutor really did have a check in the mail. Several of them. The couple had ordered new checks and they happened to be on the truck. Jackie did deliver the checks; in a plastic baggie and seared to about medium rare, I think.

I'm suspecting there were several other checks on that truck as well. In fact, I think my check to the IRS was on that truck. Think they'll buy that one?

* * *

Power outage

Samson had his hair. Tai Babilonia had her crescent moon. A lot of people have a favorite talisman or good luck charm. Some folks swear by them, can't perform without them even.

After catching a few minutes of the St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day game and watching the would-be $30 million dollar man ground into three double plays I have become a little concerned for the Cardinals in the coming season. This was supposed to be the breakout year for Albert Pujols before he enters free agency next year and reaps untold rewards. It's looking to be a long year. What could possibly be wrong with the man some say is the best hitter in baseball?

Last week while sitting with several other fellows I learned Prince Albert has lost his good luck charm. While in spring training Albert lost his gold necklace. Fell right off while he was running down the baseline and one local fellow was there to pick it up. Even worse, this guy still has it and Albert has lost his mojo.

Who is this guy that's wrecked the season for the Cardinals? I hesitate, only slightly, to bring down the wrath of Cardinal Nation on him, but for the good of everyone let's ask, implore, beg, Mike Hunter to get that necklace back to Albert.

* * *


The golf season is barely a season and we already have a hole-in-one at the local club.

Dustin Broglin aced hole number eight last Thursday evening. My source didn't report the club Dustin used for his ace or the yardage, but when you make a hole-in-one all that stuff is just details. Even better is that Dustin is one of the newest members of the club. He's already mastered the eighth hole. Only 17 more to go.

Congrats to Dustin.

Bud Hunt is regional vice

president, publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

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