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Miscellaneous ramblings

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
It's not as if there has been a lack of news lately, but some weeks there are just a lot of random thoughts that come across my mind. That was the case last week as I read through different news stories from a lot of different sources.

For instance:

This time last week Bruce Pearl was the head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee. His team lost in the opening round of the NCAA tournament and Pearl was dismissed. Pearl is waiting to hear from the NCAA about probable sanctions stemming from lying to the collegiate athletic group about a barbecue cookout. Pearl hosted several high school students (okay, basketball players) and when the NCAA came asking questions Pearl lied. Cost him his job.

Just a little to the north of Pearl, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel did basically the same thing, lie, about goings-on in his football program. Five of his athletes are suspended for the first five games of the upcoming season. When it came out that Tressel lied about what he knew (his players were selling memorabilia) and when he knew about the players selling those goodies Tressel magnanimously suspended himself for the first five games as well.

John Gamble pointed out the real reason Tressel only got a suspension and Pearl got fired is that Tressel won. And, apologies to Judd Cannon, the only Ohio State Buckeye fan I'm aware of in this part of the country.

* * *

Maybe it's time to change the picture that accompanies this almost weekly column.

Last week I met a fellow by the name of Joe Crafton. When I introduced myself Joe said something like, "You're the fellow with the newspaper. You don't look like your picture in the paper." That could be good or bad.

Joe and I were commiserating about the weather and wishing it would hurry up and make up its mind. We're ready for warmer weather around these parts, but as he correctly pointed out winter wasn't as bad as some we've had and not too long ago.

Say it with me, "the ice storm." Two years removed now and all of us are hoping it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Most of us have moved on - although I believe City Light Gas & Water is still not back to where it was on January 26, 2009. Joe and I, and a lot of you I'm sure, still have generators available.

* * *


Today's edition wraps up our annual Community Feel Good Edition. Okay, we refer to it as Community Reflections, but for the most part the feature stories in this edition are about important people, events and times in our lives.

We were proud to recognize several of our area veterans their contributions and sacrifices they and their families have made for the rest of us. We never tire of writing their stories and judging from comments our readers never tire of reading about our Heroes.

* * *

Legislative news

"A bill has been introduced in the legislature to prevent the sale of cigarettes altogether in Missouri. It is true that when a boy is big enough to use tobacco at all he should smoke a pipe or a cigar."

And another.

"Representative Tribble of Dunklin county has introduced into the legislature a bill requiring saloons to keep closed the days of primary elections the same as on general election days. Something of the kind seems necessary. At the democratic primary, in Dunklin county, last July, there was an unusual amount of drinking and it is said that at a Kennett precinct at least fifty men lost their votes because they got so drunk that they could not get to the polls-could not even see the courthouse, a large, two-story brick building."

Vivian Helton sent those notes along taken from the pages of the Feb. 17, 1899 edition of the weekly Dunklin Democrat.

A couple of observations.

Voters in Cape Girardeau will consider a smoking ban in all public areas within the city limits. That's not uncommon in a lot of cities around the country these days. One hundred years later it would not be impossible to see such legislation at least introduced in Jefferson City again.

Reading the second blurb makes me wonder where Republicans (the lower case "democrats" in the above article was the style at the time and isn't a typo here) did their drinking. I'm pretty sure they weren't teetotalers.

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