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News from the past

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"The Campbell Independent has been resurrected by Editor Mable and is again sailing smoothly along as a republican sheet. During its sleep the material was used to publish a democratic campaign sheet, but the primary is over and the 'suckers' having moved further up the creek, the Times retired. This office has not been honored by a visit from the new Independent."

One more

"Someone has filled up Slicer Lake on Depot Street, so much that a boat can not get through it. The water in Wyman lake and the DEMOCRAT lake was at a good stage this week however and Tatum-Levi-Rice lake offered fair amusement Tuesday and Wednesday."

And all of you that good-naturedly jab me about what is perceived as a Republican lean in a newspaper with Democrat in its nameplate thought that was something new.

By the way, I have never heard of any of these lakes. I'm curious as to whether or not there were real lakes or if this was a subtle jab by the newspaper at road conditions around town. Sorta like we have St. Francis Lake and First Street Lake now when there's a good downpour.

Last one, I promise.

"The Pemiscot county court some time since ordered the question of moving the county seat from Gayoso to Caruthersville voted on at the November election. Hayti asked that it be also voted on as a location, but the county court refused to include Hayti. Circuit Judge Riley was appealed to and he has issued an alternative writ of mandamus directing the court to give notice of Hayti being included, or show cause in September why not." A history on the how county seat came to be established at its current location.

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated, historian Vivian Helton for sharing those items that were taken from the Friday, Aug. 12, 1898 edition of the Dunklin Democrat.

* * *

Good news

An Associated Press article about the future of cotton prices was sent my way via email from Mark Pelts. The article has a lot of good news for cotton producers, noting that even though acreage is forecast to grow demand is high and that translates into better prices for the crop.

Across the country, I believe there are about 17 states that grow cotton and Texas is the big producer. The projections are cotton acreage will increase roughly 14 percent. Missouri is projected to increase its acreage by roughly 12.4 percent.

I believe most of that additional acreage in Missouri can probably attributed to Charles Parker's ascension to the chairmanship of the National Cotton Council.

* * *

Deer meat

I attended a Super Bowl party on the day of the Big Game at the local country club and several folks brought a dish from home to go along with Rick McCormick's offering.

Jim and Barbie Pemberton brought along some summer sausage that was very good. Come to find out the sausage came from a deer Jim had shot and killed himself. And, that deer was killed right there on Pemberton land.

I added two and two together and concluded that particular deer had probably started hanging around the Pemberton estate when Barbie was growing her strawberries. It was a logical step from there to the next conclusion; deer raised on strawberries are a little more tasty than those which scrounge around for leaves and such.

* * *

Local idol

A few of our local folks have taken a shot at trying to make the cut and earn a trip to Hollywood on the television show, "American Idol." A lot of people enjoy watching the show and it's consistently one of the higher rated shows on television.

Some viewers particularly enjoy watching the early shows of an Idol season. That's when individuals with, shall we say, dubious, talent make an appearance. Often entertaining, but seldom are they any threat to go very far in the music industry.

One such person who enjoys those early shows featuring the musically-challenged contestants is Johnny Chapin. Recently Johnny was watching an episode filmed in Nashville and was pretty sure one of the performers looked vaguely familiar.

It was a couple of days later Johnny learned Alan Abbott had been in Nashville at the time the Idol show was taped. It all clicked for Johnny.

What threw him off a little bit was that the performer was all made up like a member of the Blue Man Group. This guy was not a bad vocalist, but clearly the Blue Man getup was his shtick. Blue Man Abbott did not make the cut and isn't going to Hollywood. The fact that Alan returned home and didn't go to Hollywood only further reinforced Johnny's contention that Alan was indeed the Blue Man.

For the record, Alan continues to deny being in Nashville for an audition on the show. Johnny remains convinced Alan was the man behind the blue paint.

* * *

It's auction time

The annual Rotary Auction kicks off Tuesday evening. From the looks of things a lot of bargains can be had.

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