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The Answer Man

Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Sports Fans there are always those unanswerable questions that pop up... But it always fun to think them over.

Q: Would TCU have beaten Auburn or Oregon?

A: We might think we know, but we don't. TCU wasn't given the chance. A person would have to have omniscient powers to know for certain. These people are rare.

Doesn't speak highly for college football's "opinion" system.

Q: There is no accentuation on any letter in the word "defense." Why then do football fans, and announcers, yell "DEE-Fense!!" "DEE-Fense!!?"

A: Must have started in DEE-Troit.

Q: Could Rocky Marciano have beaten Ali?

A: Just about everybody Rocky fought out-boxed him. Ali would certainly have done the same. But Rocky had forty three knockouts in his forty nine professional fights. Could Ali have survived Rocky's devastating punch, and out-pointed him?

We will never know.

Q: How many home runs might Babe Ruth have hit if he had stayed in shape and played as long as Hank Aaron?

A: Ruth went to bat 8,399 times and hit 714 homers. When Aaron had been to bat about the same amount of times he was still 2,899 times at bat shy of Ruth's 714. But Ruth didn't stay in great shape, and had a short career as compared to Aaron

Q: Who was the better hitter, Ty Cobb or Pete Rose?

A: Ty Cobb is baseball's all-time batting average champ at .366. He closed his career with 4,190 hits in 11,434 times at bat. When Rose had been at bat approximately the same amount of time he was still about 400 hits away from tying Cobb. Pete went on to get a record 4,256 hits in 14,053 times at bat - the most ever times at bat in baseball. Lot to be said for longevity. Neither of them hit with much power.

Q: Did Cam Newton know his daddy was bargaining him around?

A: A. Cam didn't know. B. Cam did know, but kept his mouth shut. C. We may to wait for Cam' first book.

Q: Who is football's greatest quarterback?

A: For the modern fan it's someone playing now. For old timers it's someone who played yesterday. Makes sense.

Q: Why do baseball players spit a lot and football & basketball players don't?

A: Maybe it's because the field is handy. It's difficult to spit with a mouthpiece, and those face guards in football might sling it back in the face. It's always considered poor taste to spit inside, so basketball players refrain. Besides it would make the floor slippery and messy.

Q: An unanswerable question for right now is whether the Cardinals will re-sign Albert Pujols. What do we have to fear the most?

A: Gold. New York Yankee Gold. They didn't get Cliff Lee, so they are probably highly peeved. There may not be enough gold in St. Louis to hang on to Albert.

Q: How many points would Poplar Bluff's Tyler Hansbrough have scored had he gone to Mizzou?

A: Hansbrough is the Atlantic Coast Conference's all-time scoring champion. At Mizzou his team mates would not have been high school All-Americans of the normal North Carolina recruiting program. At Mizzou he would have been a franchise, with his scoring being a priority. It might have been awesome!! Alas, and alack, Tyler will always be known as a Tar Heel.

Q: Of our three favorite team sports in this country, football, basketball, & baseball, which sport requires the greatest variety of individual talents? Not specialized situations, but both offense & defense combining multifarious athletic abilities.

A: The answer is simple for some of us, but sure to raise arguments.

Q: Who is the greatest athlete ever?

A: Impossible to answer, but an Olympic Decathlon Champion at least holds a temporary title. All he has to do is compete in the following: 100-meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400-meter dash, 110-meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, and 1,500-meter run.

Run, jump, throw...... stamina. He doesn't have to finish first in any of them; but if he accumulates enough points he's the champ.

Q: Will a Southeastern Missourian ever win a down-hill skiing championship?

A: Only if he moved to Colorado when he was about six years old.

The Answer man
The Answer Man