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Time for Talk

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Jan. 24 - 28, 2011


CHANNEL 2 @ 7 P.M.

Mon. Jan. 17



The appearance of a black rat snake in his back yard elicits a firm lecture from Dr. Burcham extoling the virtues of this common inhabitant of all our back yards. He handles the snake gently, he says, to avoid upsetting it. "It is really a non-threatening snake and it is very valuable in the control of mice and rats". " I appeal to everyone not to harm these helpful creatures". You will want watch Dr. Burcham as he points out the characteristics of this snake.

Tues. Jan. 25

1995 CENTERRE Bank


When Bank of Kennett Moved into its New Facility on North Main it Became Affiliated with Boatmen's Bank and Subsequently with the Centerre Banking Network. At That Time the Directors Commissioned Paintings of Kennett in Early Years [Circa, 1920's and 1930's] for Use in Decorating the New Building. Details of Scenes in Those Paintings and Their Making Were Described for Talk by Glen Broglin and the Artist. (1995 TALK files)

Wed. Jan. 26

Blue Ribbon winners

at the Delta Fair, 2010

There was a lot to see in the American Legion building during the Delta Fair activities. Tonight lets move around the big room to get an idea of what was there for viewing. The Judges no doubt had a tough time evaluating the best entries which remained for the admiration of the fairgoers. Judges have finished their work and the exhibits remain for the admiration of Fair goers. From crafts to cakes to canned carrots, they are all there on display. Who won the prizes is just as interesting as seeing what won the ribbon.

Thurs. Jan. 27


Bud Henderson was busier than most people this summer as he directed the sorting and shipping of seedless watermelons. He answers a barrage of questions from Rosemary about the whole process of getting the melons from the field to the grocery store. You will see the sorting, tagging and shipping process as Bud informs us about how seedless watermelons are grown and the size and weight preferred by customers. He tells us that he ships most of his melons to WalMart stores. Tommy McMahon cuts one of the beauties to show us how good they look and taste. Yum, yum!!

Friday, Jan. 28



Dr. Kinsolving's life around Hornersville during the first half of the 20th century became an enigma to the residents of south Dunklin County. Rumors flowed recurrently concerning his bizarre activities, some of which were shown to be true. Tonight, historian Wesley Buck (now deceased) of Hornersville reveals his research into the life of one of Southeast Missouri's most interesting characters. Kinsolving was not only a physician but a very prosperous and innovative farmer. In a time when there were no herbicides he successfully introduced geese as a means of cleaning cotton fields of grass. But his attempt to acclimatize Pima cotton to the cool temperatures of Dunklin County by storing seed in an ice house was a complete failure. Yet he effectively lighted his mansion on Little River with acetylene gas made from carbide upon which he dripped water very slowly. You will enjoy Mr. Buck's stories.

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