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Friday, January 21, 2011

The final filings are in for the election that will be held April 5, 2011. Filings for municipal positions and school board positions officially closed at 5 p.m.,Tuesday, January 18.

According to the final results, some of the surrounding cities will be seeing a little competition especially in the Mayor's race.

Brenda Privett, city clerk in Kennett, said that as of 5 p.m.,Tuesday, for the position of Mayor, there were still three candidates, Roger Wheeler, Sr., (Incumbent), Charles B. Brown, and Jake Crafton. Trena Leach (Incumbent) will face no opposition for City Collector. The same holds true for City Treasurer, Gaylon Mullins who is also the Incumbent.

In the contest for Council seats, Tim Caldwell and Neal Bradley have filed for the position in Ward One that was formerly held by Jake Crafton. In Ward two, only Larry McDowell, the Incumbent, has filed. Bill Branum (Incumbent) will face opponent Kenny Wilson as both vie for the position in Ward three. Ward four's Roy Cunningham (Incumbent) and Ward five's Darell Wheeler (Incumbent) do not face any opposition.

According to Elisa Johnson, city clerk in Hornersville, the final filings for Mayor include Richard Mara (Incumbent) and William Foresythe, for North Ward, Chris Coleman and Pam Schlatak, and South Ward, Billy Wyrick and Jimmy Blackburn. Johnson added that Alderman Bruce Miller and Alderman Phylis Hamrick were both up for re-election but neither one re-filed this year.

As of 5 p.m., Tuesday, Mary Vaughn, city clerk for Cardwell, reported the following filings : Mayor, John Prince, (Incumbent), Daryl Hopper, David Bishop, and David Chase; North Ward Alderman, Wanda Lee (Incumbent) and David Martin; South Ward Alderman, Jack Sparks (Incumbent) and Charles Smith; Tax Collector, Margie Martin. Vaughn noted that this position does not have an incumbent because at the last election no one filed. The last position open is the Chief of Police. The only filing the city has received is that of Cecil Anthony Parker (Incumbent).

City Clerk Erma Branum of Arbyrd said there are only two positions open and that is an alderman for both the North and South Wards. However, in the South ward, there has only been one filing and that is of Brent Pierce (Incumbent). In the North ward, Robin Higgins and Pete Evans have both filed for the position. This position was originally held by Ron Branum who chose not to seek the position again.

In the elections in Senath, North Ward alderman Ray Ivy is the only incumbent that will face opposition on April 5. Also, filing for that position is Joe McClain. Other filings by incumbents include: Mayor, Joe Lane; South Ward, Patsy Davis; City Collector, Kathy Morgan.

School board positions are also up for election on April 5.

The Kennett School Board has three seats open including those seats occupied by Chris Wake, Randy Haman, and Eules Hively, all incumbents. Donna Haman, Board of Education secretary, noted that these are the only filings received and they will face no opposition.

Senath-Hornersville Schools report there have been four filings, two by incumbents Gary Newman, Jr., and Dana Autry. Other filings include Todd Fouts and Eddie Lomax.

The Southland Board of Education in Cardwell reports that the seats of Derrick Higgins, Kathy Zolman, and Jeff Wilson will also be up in the coming election. Dana Higgins, secretary to the Superintendent, said that as of the closing time on Tuesday, these were the only filings that the school had received.

At last report Donna Davis, secretary to the Superintendent of Holcomb Schools, said that there were three seats coming up for re-election and there had been four filings. These seats were held by Danny Broglin, Dickie Dobbins and Keith Emmons. Emmons is the only incumbent that has re-filed. New filings include Keith Davis, Mike Vance, Keith Massey, Tim Moore and Mark McClendon.

The last day for residents to register to vote in the upcoming April 5 elections is March 9, 2011.

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