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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Only a few more days

Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Tis the season

Nah, not that season, not yet. It's the political season and fortunately it is winding down. It will end next Wednesday morning. Although as John Adaway, head honcho at the local Plaza Tire store, pointed out when I mentioned that to him, "There will just be something else right after that." Thanks for the encouragement John.

I scanned the candidate endorsements from the New York Times online last week. They were pretty detailed in outlining their position for the candidate of their choice. It was a little hard to tell reading online, but I'm guessing the editorial took up about 25% of the printed page.

All I can say after reading that piece is poor Suzi Oppenheimer.

All told there were two U.S. Senate races (New York and Connecticut), five U.S. House of Representative races and four state senate races between the two states profiled in the piece. In the end, The Times eleven endorsements all came down on the side of the Democrat, save one. The newspaper endorsed the Republican in the state senate race against the incumbent Oppenheimer.

* * *

A little more politics

Missouri voters will vote on several initiatives next Tuesday. Here's is a brief recap of those ballot issues and some thoughts on them.

Amendment 1 would make all county assessors elected officials. Dunklin County already elects its assessor as do most counties, so in one respect it doesn't affect area residents. However, some assessors are appointed. And what this change would do would take away the local option of appointing assessors. If the citizens living in areas where the assessor is appointed want their assessor appointed that should be their choice and not having the state impose its will upon them. For what it's worth I will vote no on this proposal.

Amendment 2 would exempt for prisoners of war that have a total service-connected disability from paying property taxes on their homestead. The easy answer here is a yes vote. We don't do enough for our veterans in many cases and this is an opportunity to help. My concern is there is also an opportunity for fraud. And, given historical reality, it is really difficult to trust the government with policing the exemptions. Voting yes will grant that exemption and even though it's almost guaranteed someone will scam the system, the overall good outweighs that concern. I believe the exemption should be granted.

Amendment 3 will stop the state, county, city and any other political subdivision in the state from imposing any new real estate transfer tax. Currently those entities have the ability to add another tax onto real estate at the time it changes hands. We already pay property taxes and that's enough, we don't need to be taxed again when the property is sold. Vote yes. (Editor's note: The confusing ballot language led to original publication of this as a "no" vote to oppose the proposition. However, the correct vote should be a "yes.") Proposition A is one of the issues that, again, pretty much does not affect us locally and targets the two major metro areas of St. Louis and Kansas City. Prop A stops other Missouri cities from imposing an earnings tax and requires voters in those two cities to re-vote every five years on keeping an earnings tax in place. If those metro residents ever vote to stop the tax they cannot revote on it. Some cities, including those two areas, will want to keep or ask its residents for a tax. Voting no keeps that option in place for those citizens. This is a local issue and taxes should be left up to the local folks as much as possible.Proposition B has probably attracted more attention than anything else on the ballot this year across the state, other than the U.S. Senate race. The measure is aimed at large dog-breeding operations and creates a misdemeanor crime of "puppy mill cruelty" among other things it would do is limit the number of dogs any one operation could have. Missouri has many dog-breeding operations that are good, honest businesses and some of which are larger than the proposed 50-dog limit. Prop B has lofty goals, but many state legislators, among others, have come out in opposition to the proposal because it makes a lot of blanket assumptions and would make criminals out of people that don't deserve it. If abuse is taking place there are laws on the book to deal with that. Let's enforce them before we craft more government regulation and bureaucracy.

* * *

An historic occasion

A couple of months ago the anniversary of a rather significant event came and went with very little fanfare, although it was noted in the Southeast Missourian newspaper in Cape Girardeau.

"Jim Reynolds is a member of the exclusive hole-in-one set; the youth ... let fly with a 150-yard shot on the Country Club's No. 3 hole yesterday, dropping the ball onto the green and into the cup."

Jim says he had several phone calls from his buddies in Cape Girardeau telling him about seeing the blurb in the newspaper there on Sept. 5th of this year.

About the only thing in dispute is the age. Jim says he remembered making that shot when he was about three years old. The newspaper blurb from that time recorded his age as, um, well, just a little older. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable achievement. Some guys play years before ever accomplishing that feat.

* * *

Scary sights

My wife and I had dinner Thursday evening with her mother, Jeanne Winkler and the other residents at St. Francis Assisted Living Center.

The staff and residents all dressed up in costume and it looked like everyone was having a good time. Some of the visiting family members also dressed for the occasion.

Travis Galyean walked around telling everyone he had shaved his head as part of his costume. It was noted that Travis must like to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year because he wears that costume quite regularly.

Claudette Walker showed up as a golfer. At least that what she tried to tell us, but I figure Claudette just came straight from the golf course to the dinner and was able to cheat a little on her costume.

Someone said Freddie Chandler wore a scary mask, but he looked the same to me.

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