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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And now we know

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
Quick trip

My wife and I spent an abbreviated time in Eureka Springs, Ark., at the annual newspaper publishers' retreat. It was an interesting time and as always, a learning experience.

I learned that it still takes five hours to get there, and to get here from there, unless you stop in Hardy and Mountain Home and Harrison along the way. That can make it an eight hour trip. Still, it was interesting to browse through some of the antique shops in Hardy.

* * *


After almost two months of waiting we now know our first grandchild is going to be a little girl. Adam called Tuesday afternoon to tell us and sent along a couple of ultrasound images. My earlier idea to call the youngster "Little Bud" has taken a turn. Still, I think "Little Bud-ette" has a certain pizzazz to it.

Another way to announce the sex of our grandchild is to say, "Let the shopping begin." Going into shops in Hardy and Eureka Springs last weekend was almost torture for my wife. If I had a nickel for every time she looked at little pink or blue outfit and said, "Oh, how cute. I wish we knew if it was a girl or a boy," we would be able to pay for Bud-ette's college education.

I'm guessing there's just not enough time between now and December 25th, the new due date, to get all the shopping done for the little darling. This will be the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents. Adam and Andrea don't have a chance.

* * *

News of note

One of the founding brothers of the Aldi grocery store chain passed away last week.

Theo Albrecht and his brother, Karl, founded the store "Albrecht-Discount" and shortened the name in Germany. The two brothers split the chain in 1960 after a disagreement on whether or not to sell cigarettes at the checkout counter, according to a story in The Guardian newspaper.

According to the website CNNMoney, the average Missourian would have to pay $780 to get the state out of debt. That figure is broken out in a story about the indebtedness of all 50 U.S. states.

By comparison, our neighbors to the north in Iowa and Nebraska owe $73 and $15, respectively.

Connecticut ranks highest at $4,859 per resident. Nebraska is the lowest.

Did you see the story about the Taiwanese woman?

According to AFP, a woman on the island nation captured around four million mosquitoes and won a cash prize of $3,000 (US). Guinness World Rankings is asking that the woman be recognized as the world's leading killer of the pest.

I'm thinking there are several of us around here who might want to challenge that record.

* * *

Names of note

A couple of fellows who have visited Kennett as part of the Harold Simmons Memorial Golf Tournament from bygone days were in the news recently.

Legendary St. Louis University Coach Charlie Spoonhour was placed on a waiting list for lung transplant at Duke Medical Center. Has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Another former alum of the HSM, John Mabry, was the keynote speaker at the Ben Kruse 18 Fore Life Charity Golf Event in Dexter earlier this summer.

I think Spoonhour was only here one year. Mabry, on the other hand, was a regular guest here during the years he spent with the Cardinals.

* * *


Missourians emphatically had their say about ObamaCare last Tuesday. Suggesting they would opt out of federally mandated health insurance if given the option by a margin of 71-29 percent. It doesn't matter. Just like the seven million Californians who had they say on the definition of marriage. One judge overturned all those votes with a ruling last week.

Anyone interested in knowing just how the vote was perceived by those in favor of nationalized health care need only read this from the liberal Mother Jones blogsite, "Here in the real world, Missouri's Prop C isn't even going to scratch health care reform, let alone stop it. If the GOP wants to actually do some damage to the Affordable Care Act, they need to win back the House and kill the bill by cutting its funding in the appropriations process."

Elections are important for funding purposes and judicial appointments.

* * *


Rick McCormick decided to do a little sampling last week by giving the lunch crowd a taste of some nice-sized shrimp he had purchased. Baiting the hook, if you will.

He brought several morsels out to the table in a bowl and left them. Rick figured that everyone would share. When he came back to the table all of the tails were piled up in front of Steve Pu. The natural assumption was the Steve ate them all and didn't share with the other diners.

A logical assumption for most of us since his wife, Coleen, has always told us, "It's all about Steve." However, it's also safe to assume the other guys piled all of the tails in front of Steve in an effort to make Rick believe Steve had eaten them all and then get additional "samples" for themselves.

It didn't work. Guess Rick figured that if they were dumb enough to let Steve have them all that was their fault.

* * *

A disgrace ...

"The electric light company is still trifling with our people as though they had no rights. After the plant had been shut down three weeks, a man was sent here and started it up, gave us lights a few nights and then it closed down again. It is a disgrace to the town, and the new council should at once take steps to annul the contract and let some company come in that will give the town a satisfactory all-night service. At present Kennett is laughed at by every visitor who is here at night."

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated, historian Vivian Helton for passing along that little nugget from the April 23, 1896 edition that is at least part of the story of why CLGW came into being several years later.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.