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Monday, May 2, 2016

Local golf outing was fun for most folks

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
Highlights ...

... and a few not so "high" lights from the member-guest golf tournament held last weekend at Kennett Country Club.

This is a time for families to get together, old friends to reunite and maybe even occasionally make a new friend.

Matt Poole and Matt Jackson paired up for the two days. Actually, it was the first Matt Jackson has teed the ball up in some 18 years. I guess he was just waiting on a worthy partner.

Last week it was noted in this space that Patrick McHaney and Clay Faulkner have been playing together for 20 consecutive years. That may be a record, but I haven't heard. These two have won "A" Flight before, but never the overall tournament from the Championship Flight. They've gotten close, but someone always manages to bring in a "ringer" to hold them off. A "ringer" is someone usually brought in to win a particular match or event. It is not considered a derogatory term, at least if said "ringer" is your partner it's not.

There were a couple of perilous moments over the weekend.

One occurred when a local prosecutor, who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, found the water with his tee shot. Right away you might think said prosecutor hit his tee shot in the pond in front of hole number seven but you'd be incorrect. Nor did he knock his tee shot into the ditch that runs in front of the tee boxes on holes number 11, 13 and 17. With no rain around here for so long the only thing harder than the bottom of that ditch is concrete.

No, the unnamed prosecutor, who did look rather dapper in his all black ensemble, found the water located just south of number 10 tee. That particular body of water is used by most folks for swimming and is "protected" by a chain link fence. Our prosecutor/golfer's ball, as related to me by several eyewitness accounts, managed to fly right through that fence without touching a thing before landing in the deep end of the pool.

I did not learn whether the prosecutor ventured into the pool to retrieve his errant shot. I'm sure he was just soaking wet from perspiration.

Another near disaster was averted by a stroke of luck. Luck in that there wasn't an airplane attempting to land at the south end of the airport when a certain golfer was hitting his tee shot on hole number five.

This guy wound up and knocked the ball half way to Senath. Had a plane been coming in for a landing at that time and been hit by the ball that plane would have fallen like a rock. By the time that ball came back to earth it was probably flat on one side from being hit so hard.

I don't want to imply this fellow hit his tee shots a little off line, so to take any hint of implying anything, I'll just come right out and say Noll Billings didn't hit a fairway all day long.

His partner, and mother, Jo, did a little bit of encouraging, a little cajoling and I think at one point she even threatened him. It was all for naught. He kept knocking the ball a long way, just not straight. They used some of his tee shots; they just didn't get to play from the correct fairway. Apparently the number of fairways hit in regulation is an overrated statistic.

I'm not sure how the Williams brothers fared, but I don't think they won. Tyler, head honcho at NHC and Shelly's chief dog walker, invited his brother Garrett in to play with him for the weekend. As I drove by the Williams manse Monday there was Garrett out washing his brother's vehicle. That led me to believe they probably were not too successful over the weekend. Either Garrett felt bad about not playing well and decided to wash his brother's SUV to make up for it, or (some would say this is a more likely scenario) Tyler made Garrett wash his vehicle to make up for a couple of missed putts.

My partner was a place holder. Adam, with his pregnant wife, came in to play as my partner. The way I've got things figured Adam is just holding a place for "Little Bud." Yeah, that's what we're planning (okay, it's what I'm planning) on calling our grandchild. Once "Little Bud" gets old enough I figure Adam will be dropped as a partner.

One concern is that the youngster may get a tad confused about its name from time to time because rumor has it that in St. Charles, "Little Dave" will be the moniker attached to the grand-baby.

* * *

Houses needed

"Fifty dwellings could be rented in this town within a week. There are inquiries every day for houses. Many farmers and citizens of smaller towns would move here to put their children in the high school, if they could get suitable houses. Four and five room structures are in best demand, though two and three room affairs are at once taken when built.

"A contractor said this week, that he had built several two room houses 14x28, furnishing everything, for $125 each, he said that he could build a 3-room affair for $200, and a 4-room for $250.

"A good lot may be secured for $75; the fencing need not cost over $25.

"When a 2-room house rents for $5; a 3-room one for $6; a 4-room one for $7 to $8 per month, it would seem that capitalists should build a few houses as an investment.

"It is a great misfortune for a town to grow faster than the country that supports it; but it is equally as unfortunate for a town to be behind the country."

Tip of the hat to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton, for pulling that tidbit out of the archives from the Aug. 29, 1902 edition of the double "D" newspaper.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.