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Tracking down people and places

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mystery solved

In the May 28 edition of the DDD there was a story about a photo album that appeared to have been unintentionally left in a book dropped off at the Kennett branch of the Dunklin County Library.

Literally within hours of the story about the album appearing in the newspaper library director JoNell Minton received a phone call. The caller said the album was indeed a donation and suggested those photos be included in the library's memorial to World War II veterans. The caller explained that the owner of the album had passed away.

During the conversation, JoNell was able to learn the identity of one local individual related to the album's owner and has contacted them to see if there is any interest in any of the photos.

Interesting that a photo of the home place JoNell and I were sure we recognized was actually in Charleston, Mo., and not a local home. The old saying that everyone has a double in this world must apply to houses as well.

* * *

Political comments

A few folks claim to be surprised at Sen. Blanche Lincoln pulling out the Democratic Party's nomination to retain her seat. She was opposed by our neighboring state's Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

Halter brought a lot of money from labor unions into the race. By most accounts it was in the neighborhood of $10 million. So much money in fact, that even the White House couldn't resist commenting on the unions "flushing" the money down the drain in an effort to defeat Lincoln.

Her win was a surprise to many but before jumping into the Lincoln camp it's important to remember Arkansas is a "right to work" state. Unions do not have a foot hold in The Natural State.

I doubt Lincoln's victory was an endorsement of Pres. Obama and his policies, or even former governor (and U.S. president) Bill Clinton. She won by four percentage points and the anti-union sentiment in Arkansas has got to be worth somewhere between six and ten points in a two-way race.

In my opinion the election came down to a referendum on unions. It was smart campaigning on Lincoln's part to make unions an issue in a right-to-work state. For Republicans, I've gotta believe their candidate Congressman John Boozman would rather run against an incumbent senator than an opponent with a lesser record to defend.


Any way you want to look at it the oil spill is bad. The lack of BP's ability to contain the well's output and the government's ineptness to control the damage being done just adds to the frustration.

One of the methods Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been pushing to help limit the damage is a series of sand berms some 90 miles long. That effort is finally getting underway as of last week.

However, a fellow with first-hand knowledge of the situation in New Orleans made the observation to me last week that the Corps of Engineers had been trying for five years to build a series of berms along the coastline. What stopped them? Environmentalists.

Tell me you're surprised.

* * *

Another mystery solved

Towny Sparks sent along a really neat link to a website last week. The website is a 24-hour observation of all the large aircraft flights in the the world for a 24 period condensed down to a little over a minute.

It's pretty cool and interesting to watch the aircraft flow from North America to Europe and vice versa as time changes over that 24-hour period.

However, as I was watching this I kept noticing one enormously bright light that just never seemed to move. At first I thought it was just a slow moving aircraft, but no, it never moved. I thought it might be a large football or soccer stadium but couldn't figure out why there was only one showing up.

As I looked closer it was obvious the bright, stationary light was in the U.S. Enlarging the image showed it to be in Missouri and further enlargement made it clear the light, by now filling up my entire computer screen with bright whiteness, was in the Bootheel.

I went looking for another source, Google Earth, which enabled me to get really close and even offered a 3D image of the light source.

I immediately recognized it as Randy and Paula Caldwell's house. I have since learned from Randy that Paula installed some new halogen lights.

Now I'm not saying their bright, but I did see them from outer space. It's also been rumored that her neighbors Mark and Mary Jean Moore haven't had a good night's sleep since the endless sun lit up the night. Another rumor is that her sister and neighbor Pam Milum has started laying out at night to work on her sun tan.

Paula says the lights are so bright because they're new and that eventually they will not shine so bright. Mary Jean says she sure hopes that's the case because Mark needs his beauty sleep.

* * *

High school baseball

"The Kennett high school base ball team met and defeated the Malden (team) in 7 innings last Friday. The game was called at that time to allow Malden to catch a train.

"This makes two games for the high school this year, a good beginning for the 10 games they have scheduled.

"The next game will be with Dexter, Friday, May 1st. You know who they are, so watch for the game."

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton for passing along that sports brief from the pages of the DD's edition on Friday, April 24, 1914.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

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