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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

News from the past recalls glory days

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bud Hunt
Fond memories

Last week's missive about the KHS golf team from bygone days sparked some interest from at least one individual who had firsthand knowledge of the event. An email made its way to me through the World Wide Web from a fellow wanting a little equal time.

"Sure wish Ms. Vivian (Helton) would have sent you an article from 33 years ago instead of 30 years ago for the 'View From the Square'. The one where KHS won the district golf championship outright for the first time in school history!!! Johnny Watson, Matt Shetley, Roger Wheeler and me competed and won the District Tournament at Westwood Hills (Poplar Bluff) in the pouring rain. I believe Johnny was medalist also that day.

"That 90 was one of the worse rounds I ever had in my high school career.

"Jay (aka Jim) Clevenger"

In three years we'll hopefully commemorate that occasion as well.

* * *

Snake charmer

It's no secret that men, for the most part, have a different sense of humor when it comes to things than women. I suppose that's why they love us so.

Take for example last weekend.

The Whitlock family, or at least a good part of it, was working in the backyard of the family manse in beautiful downtown Senath. Okay, it's actually in the suburbs of Senath but let's not get picky.

Terry and Debra were on a mission to get the lawn manicured. They were trimming bushes, mowing the grass, weed-eating, edging around the walkway, shining up the outdoor grill. Shucks, I'm not real sure Terry wasn't out there whitewashing the rocks.

A big day was fast approaching. Terry and Debra's granddaughter, Emma Claire, is about to celebrate her first birthday on the upcoming Saturday. And, I'm pretty sure Emma Claire must have told her mom and dad, that would be Ashley and Lance Shepard, she wanted a big shindig in her grandparents backyard to remember the occasion by.

According to the report I got Terry went over to straighten up a pile of wood that must not have gotten burned this past winter. As he rolled one log over a snake crawled out.

The snake, depending on which version of the story you're most inclined to believe, was either about four or five inches long or it was closer to a foot in length. And also depending on which version of the story you get the snake was either a black, green or had colorful little rings around its body.

With a sense of humor that a lot of people can't appreciate, Terry decided it would be funny to flip the snake over at his daughter's feet.

As he tossed the snake it stuck to his hand a mite and didn't come loose as he anticipated. The snake flew over Ashley's head and landed around Debra's neck. Excitement ensued.

Things calmed down after a bit. Terry attempted his best apology but as I understand it tried to get away with it by saying he was really just trying to throw it at Ashley, as if that made it okay. Actually, it's probably a good thing for him the snake landed on his wife instead of his daughter. Those who know Terry and Ashley best say their temperaments are a lot alike. Terry might still be apologizing had the snake landed on his intended target.

Birthday plans are moving right along. According to Emma Claire's granddad, most state and federal government offices, banks will be closed as well as a lot of businesses. In fact, about the only business that's almost certain to be open, he said, is Quality Roofing.

* * *

More birthday news

Happy Birthday greetings to JoNell Minton. According to the Rotary Club newsletter her birthday, Monday, May 31, is now a national holiday.

* * *

First radio station

"Amos Spence, of the Spence Hardware Co., informs this paper that he has just received his license for operating Radio Broadcasting Station W-C-N-R, which is located in the same building with the hardware store. Mr. Spence has been operating his station 'testing' for quite a few days, but reports that it was only Wednesday evening that he received his license from the Radio Commission.

"His station operates, using 7 1-2 watts, with a tune-grid, and tune-plate circuit, which the operator says is the most popular circuit. He has not yet been informed as to the wave length on which he will be allowed to operate, but said it would be about 220 meters, he believed, and it is around this that he has been 'testing.' Under hi s license he is permitted to broadcast at any hour the the day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

"Mr. Spence says that he plans on converting a portion of his store in to a broadcasting studio, installing a piano and other furniture. He intends that his station shall be known as the 'Pioneer Broadcasting Station of Kennett.' Within the next few days he will plan a definite program of broadcasting and local talent will probably be heard on the air each day during the hours that WCNR is broadcasting."

That bit of information was found on page one of the Friday, April 12, 1929 edition of the Dunklin Democrat. Kudos to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton for passing that along.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

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