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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Birthday

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bud Hunt, publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Nancy Faulkner. Actually, I had the opportunity to extend those greetings to Mrs. Faulkner several days ago. She and several of her friends were enjoying lunch and celebrating her birthday when Lanny Geary decided we (members of the Almost Downtown Quarterback Club) needed to treat her to a round of the "Happy Birthday" song.

Fortunately for Mrs. Faulkner, Lanny led us in the song and since he's the only real singer in the bunch the rest of us just kinda mumbled along.

Then again because he led the singing it may be Lanny that owes the $700.

That's the amount of money the owner of the song, Warner/Chappell Music, claims it's owed every time "Happy Birthday to You" is sung. It's about $10,000 every time the song is used in a film, but I don't think anyone taped Lanny's performance. Ownership of the song and the copyright has made it all the way to the Supreme Court, just in case anyone might think this is some trivial matter.

Lanny would be the first to tell you, though, that it was worth every penny just to bring a smile to Mrs. Faulkner's face. Warner/Chappell can send him the bill.

* * *

Any day

As I passed by Steve Greer's house Friday morning he was walking to his "garage" and folks who know Steve know that's anything but a garage.

I asked him if it would be a good day to ride a motorcycle.

"If you've got a rain suit," he replied. "And then you still might be ready to get a little wet."

I think that's where all that training while working for the U.S. Postal Service will come in handy on days like that. You know, that "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night ..." thing better known as the "Postman's Creed" has prepared Steve for riding in less than ideal conditions.

* * *

Rock solid

While none of our local banks are experiencing such issues we've all seen the headlines from around the country about banks being taken over by the government and being sold, to re-open under another name. There are several good reasons for that, not the least of which is information such as the following.

"Bank of Hornersville

"Capital, Surplus and Profits, $20,000.00

"Transacts a general banking business, and invites the business of all classes. Deposit your funds with us and pay your bills by check, and you will be 'healthy, wealthy, and wise' in a business way.

"See Us For Farm Loans

"Owned and operated by the following home people:

"T.B. Kinsolving, President

W.M. Cates, Vice President

A.J. Langdon, Capitalist

E.S. Langdon, Merchant

W.M. Langdon, Merchant

J.E. Rice, Cashier

J.S. Williford, Ass't Cashier

Ethel Shepherd

Maude Edmonston"

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, Vivian Helton, for passing along that information from the pages of the weekly Dunklin Democrat on Nov. 10, 1916. I recognize several of those names myself and no doubt many readers will as well.

* * *

More OJT

Another fellow putting his "on the job training" from a former employer to good use this days is Randy Morgan.

Randy is fresh from a trip to St. Louis where he flew a group into the Gateway City and back. I think it was a little business and not much pleasure. The "pleasure part of the trip was when they took in a Cardinals' game. Given the way the Birds have been playing lately, I doubt there was much pleasure involved in that particular part of the trip.

Randy got a lot of his flying experience buzzing around Southeast Asia for his "Uncle Sam." I'm guessing it's a little more fun to fly these days.

* * *

Errant shot?

It's not uncommon for a golfer to hit an errant shot. Shucks, it's not even uncommon to hit a ball out of bounds. However, sometimes you almost have to wonder if the errant shot was intentional.

Such was the case recently when Brandon Rouse drove by and saw George Byers way off the course. They were so far off Brandon had to wonder whether or not George used a wayward tee shot as an excuse to get his wife, Betty, off to a corner of the golf course and do a little "sparking."

Both George and Betty assured Brandon that wasn't the case. And the way George said no and shook his head we knew there was no way he intentionally knocked his ball out of bounds just to get a kiss from Betty.

I think the competition between this husband and wife is too close for George to intentionally hit a ball out of bounds. I think he'd rather beat her then give her a little peck after the round was over and tell her how well she played.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.