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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016

An Easter conversion experience

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quick trip

My wife and I slipped out of town last week for an Easter dinner with our son, Adam and his wife, Andrea, in St. Peter's. Of course we stopped off in Cape and picked up Haylee too.

Another reason for the trip was to attend the confirmation service for Adam as he formally converted to Catholicism. Adam's wife was raised in the Catholic faith.

I have attended services in Catholic churches before, but forgot that they stand to pray. This service, in addition to being a confirmation service where three other conferees were baptized, was the Easter Vigil.

It was three hours long. We prayed a lot. When it was over Dave Bono, Adam's father-in-law who was also required to attend, informed Adam, "You owe me."

We enjoyed a delicious meal on Sunday with other members of Andrea's family. As I listened to the banter around the table and the good-natured kidding that went on I was reminded of a comment Jo Billings made several years ago.

Jo was raised in the Catholic faith before she converted (does Adam's converting from Methodism to Catholicism balance things out?). Her son, Noll, and Adam were good friends growing up. They were at times, uh, mischievous, and I'll leave it at that.

"What did I do to deserve this, I was raised a good Catholic girl?" Jo asked one day probably after these two knuckleheads pulled another stunt.

As I sat there debating on whether or not to have a second piece of Andrea's chocolate "Peeps" cake, I couldn't help but think she will probably be channeling Jo in a few years.

* * *

Too much

A lot of people like to pamper their pets. Okay, most people. Regular readers will recall how we've chronicled just how Charlie Madden Sutherland has become spoiled over the years.

Sharon was known to spread lipstick all over Charlie and make him look all girly. The other dogs in the neighborhood were probably laughing at him behind his tail. Then Rex came into the house and I think the makeup thing stopped.

However, based on the picture I saw last week it looks like Charlie is still being spoiled, just in a different way.

It's not uncommon for pet owners to buy little costumes, sweaters, (antlers for Mark and Mary Jean's dog) for their pets. Most will also buy their pets a toy or two.

Until last week I have never known a dog to have its own pacifier. And this dog didn't just have a child's pacifier, foo-foo, whatever you choose to call it, in its mouth. Charlie had the thing in his mouth the correct way, just like a little baby.

No telling what the neighborhood dogs are saying about him now.

* * *


Tom Hooper has the prettiest umbrella. It's blue and has a bunch of brightly colored flowers all over it. It must match his eyes.

At least that's what several of us thought last Wednesday afternoon at the ballpark. With the threat of rain being a real possibility umbrellas were a common sight. As Tom walked past merrily swinging his pretty umbrella someone mentioned to him that they thought it was a nice looking umbrella.

"It's my wife's," Tom quickly pointed out.

"It's amazing what being married for so long will do to a man. You don't even care about what someone else will think when your wife asks you to grab something for her. You just do it," he said. He muttered something else about being well-trained as he hurried off to make sure Paula had her umbrella before the rain fell.

* * *

What were they thinking?

According to a story in the Portland (Me.), Press Herald some two dozen women staged a march through the middle of that city to protest unequal treatment of women. To make their point the women marched topless. One of the organizers confessed to being "enraged" at how many men lined the route, some with cameras. That same woman is planning more marches and said she plans on being more "'aggressive' in discouraging oglers." Like maybe marching with your top on?

Tiger Woods apologized, several times for his infidelities. When those multiple affairs became public knowledge most of his sponsors -- and he makes much, much more from sponsorships than he does playing golf -- began dropping him as a spokesman. Just to be clear about what he was thinking, Tiger clarified things prior to start of play at The Masters golf tournament this week in Augusta, Ga., when Tiger said he wants to prove he's still a "worthy investment." I'm just guessing Tiger needs those sponsors back because he's going to owe his wife, Elin, a boatload of money whether she stays or whether she goes.

* * *

"City Council Orders Signs for Every Street Crossing in Kennett

"Through the activities and urgent request of our Commercial Club for this necessary improvement, the City Council has placed the order for about 400 street signs and made all arrangements for erecting them.

"Naming our streets is a very essential factor in securing free delivery when our post office shall have reached the second class and, too, it will enable the city being laid off into fire districts so that our fire department can reach a fire in the least possible time."

Now before you jump to the conclusion that the sales tax just passed last week is going to new street signs, I need to point out that the news item above comes from the front page of the Friday, April 24, 1914 edition of the Dunklin Democrat.

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated, historian Vivian Helton for sharing that information.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian