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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Murphy probably has a rule about that

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last week I talked a little about our latest venture, webcasting of Kennett High School basketball games. In mentioning some of the success we had at the local gymnasium and the additional playoff game held at the Bearcat Event Center in Dexter, I probably jinxed our efforts.

We were all set, or so I thought, to webcast the game from Farmington last Saturday night. However, we did not have the Internet connection we thought we would have. The civic center there has wireless service and in our discussions with them we anticipated things would work smoothly.

Didn't happen as several hundred folks learned. However, I have to give a lot of credit to our own George Anderson. George used his cell phone to establish the connection on the 3G network there, but signal strength was not anything like what we had here with the fiber optic service.

We learn and we move forward. Stay tuned.

* * *


It's that time of the year when things start to green up a bit. Grass, okay some of us just have weeds, start to appear on the lawn. It's time to drag the mowers and weedeaters out and get them serviced for the season.

Some folks might need a little refresher course when it comes to actually operating our mowers.

One of our local gals decided she would take care of her own lawn. She bravely told, actually she probably challenged her husband, that if he would buy her a lawn mower she would take care of the mowing duties at their house. Being a dutiful husband who usually does as his wife suggests, he bought the lawnmower.

The first time she used it her husband came home to a beautifully cut lawn. Reports were that this lawn looked like someone had taken a pair of scissors and trimmed each blade of grass individually.

When his wife said it took her the better part of three hours to cut the grass he probably thought she must have taken a pair of scissors to the lawn. She also let him know she was worn out. The task exhausted her. And I should also tell you this gal is no slouch when it comes to working out. She is in better shape than most people we know. So, for her to be worn out after mowing the grass was saying something.

She was not about to cry "Uncle" though, and vowed to continue her efforts at maintaining the lawn.

And sure enough the grass grew again. Time to mow again.

Her neighbor, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, happened to be outside when next she tackled the lawn. The story goes he looked across the street and saw her bent almost double pushing her mower across the lawn. To say she was straining is probably putting things mildly.

He strolls across the street and said something like, "It looks like you're having a little trouble there."

"I can hardly push this thing through this grass," she replied.

At that point her helpful neighbor reached over and pulled up on the little bar that engages the self-propelling mechanism on the mower. At that point the mower took off so fast she could barely hang on. I don't think the neighbor laughed until he was back across the street.

This is where the story ends. I have not heard a word about the conversation that evening when her husband came home. However, I'm sure this was his fault some which way. Nor can I share the name of the lawn mower lass for fear that her husband might cut off my electricity. I can tell you that despite her new knowledge of lawnmowers she is not looking to expand her operation and take on any additional yard work.

* * *


"Kennett golfers marred an otherwise perfectly consistent record by defeating members of the Gwin Country Club by a 33 to 19 score on the local golf course Sunday afternoon, this being the first victory of the season for the locals. Jiggs Miles turned in a 72 for low score of the day with Kingsberry of Hayti shooting 75 for the second low score."

Other locals and their scores for the competition that day were:

W. Powell -- 76

Dewey Miles -- 79

W. Hunter -- 80

W.C. McHaney -- 89

Walt Andrews -- 84

Dr. Gilmore -- 89

Jack Karsten -- 89

Dr. Spence -- 77

Monk Fowler -- 88

W. Marshall -- 90

Tom Colling -- 91

Glenn Sexton -- 79

Joe Welman -- 91.

Vivian Helton, the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian, found that little item on the front page of the newspaper's Tuesday, June 23, 1936 edition.

I have never heard of the Gwin Country Club, but apparently it was in existence back in 1936. According to stories passed along the golf course probably had sand greens at that time as well. That makes some of these scores even more impressive.

* * *

Bad sign

Here it is barely getting warm enough to even think about wearing shorts and I've just killed my first mosquito of the year.

* * *

Good sign

According to MediaBistro.com, the Cartoon Network topped CNN in total viewers last week, but then again some of us probably thought CNN was the Cartoon Network.

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