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Sunday, February 28, 2010

As reported by the Post-Dispatch -- "In a move made without public notice, Fred Hanser has left his role as Cardinals Vice Chairman, Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. confirmed today.

"Hanser, among the original group of investors which purchased the club from Anheuser-Busch in March 1996, oversaw legal matters and MLB compliance issues as well as operations of the club's holding companies and subsidiaries. Hanser, 67, handed over his Busch Stadium office last month, shortly before leaving for his Jupiter home.

"Hanser has been a regular visitor to camp this spring but was unavailable for comment Wednesday. He has been assigned a title as Director.

"Mike Whittle assumed Hanser's responsibilities in January after leaving the club's law firm, Armstrong Teasdale. Whittle assumes the title of general counsel."

A few folks may recall that Hanser has been to Kennett on a couple of occasions. Once as a visitor to the former Harold Simmons Memorial Leukemia Golf Tournament and again as a speaker at the chamber banquet.

As chamber president I had the option of finding my own speaker or soliciting the help of chamber staff. I had gotten to know Hanser a little bit from his time here and Kennett Day at Busch Stadium. His talk was pretty interesting to me and I suspect most Cardinals fans. My wife, and likely a few others, thought he went on a bit too long when he started talking about prospects down on the farm. Here's hoping he enjoys retirement.

* * *

No need to rush

Jerry Jones celebrated a birthday last week. One of his friends sent him a text message extending wishes for a "Happy" birthday.

It was a good and bad text message.

Good in that it was nice a friend remembered, bad in that the message said "Happy 40th Birthday." Jerry said he was actually only celebrating his 39th birthday. I believe him, unlike some folks who seem to be perpetually celebrating their 39th milestone.

* * *

Double standard

Did you see the news story about the Canadian politician who came to the U.S. for his heart procedure? His comment was something along the lines of it "was my heart, my choice and my health." In other words, "the rest of you Canucks can stand in line and wait for nationalized health care but I'm going to the U.S. where there's no waiting and there's nothing you can do about it."

Wonder what will happen once Obamacare is enacted here. Of course you know no member of Congress would ever expect to be treated differently for their healthcare. Oh wait, they already are.

* * *


Most married men are accustomed to getting some instructions from our wives. Some would say such instruction is necessary. Then there's the husband's point of view.

Then there are those occasions when a wife, who will tell you she is just doing her job, follows up on her instructions. Such as the case last week several of us witnessed at a local barbershop.

This fellow came in, shook hands all around, greeted those of us that were there warmly (and he isn't even running for political office). About the time he sat down to wait his turn the phone rang.

Jack Astrachan has a very important date on his calendar, one that will require him to look all spiffy and shined up like a bright new penny. When he left the house for the barbershop he was given specific instructions on how his hair was to be cut.

Given that phone conversation those of us in the barbershop could only conclude that one, Jack did not listen when Margot told him how his hair was to be cut; two, he's been known to ignore her admonishments in the past (hard to believe), or three, well, he's Jack and he's gonna do what he wants to do.

Whatever the reason Margot felt it necessary to call Ron Harris and tell the barber not to cut Jack's hair too short. After all, they are planning to marry off son Michael next weekend and dear ol' dad's got to do his part.

* * *

SEMO flair

The retirement of Marion Berry as the U.S. Representative from the First Congressional District (northeast Arkansas) has attracted a lot of interest in that race.

Among the candidates seeking the nomination as a Democrat is Tim Woolridge or Paragould. Woolridge is a former member of the legislature in the Arkansas. He is also the father of Tiffany. Tiffany is the wife of Dustin. Dustin is the son of Scottie and Lila Jackson of Senath.

Not to be outdone, (not to be out SEMO'd) Republicans are running Rick Crawford. Rick is the son of former county health department supervisor Don Crawford and his wife, Ruth. Rick's wife, Stacy, is the daughter of Ron and Clara Harris.

It is conceivable Democrat Woolridge and Republican Crawford could face off against each other in the general election (assuming they win their respective primaries) in November. If that happens to be the case Don and Ron should just get together and swap checks. It will be quicker and easier.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.

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