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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Questions to ponder, as we wonder ...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

... how low can they go?

CNN Has Lowest Viewer Night in 4 Years; Lowest Demo Night in Nearly 9 Years (Source: mediabistro.com) anyone who was around these parts last fall cannot be surprised by that story.

... which Rotarian will be the most tired after this week's auction?

... which Rotarian will have the most fun during this week's auction?

... will Vicky Wilcoxson share any of her winnings from the VFW Cruise Party with Daryl?

... why was Emily Modlin in a tree that she fell out of and hurt her foot?

* * *

New homeowner

Now that our daughter is a college graduate and starting to settle into a career in Cape Girardeau she decided to get a little more permanently situated. That being said, and the government offering first-time homebuyers an incentive, Haylee bought a house last week. Buying the house, actually the closing or signing of the papers for the house was the easiest thing she did last week.

The real fun began when it came time to physically move into the house. It was also a learning opportunity.

Even though Cape Girardeau isn't a big city in comparison, it's roughly four times the size of Kennett, population wise.

She bought some appliances and a dinette set from a major retailer. This is a major retailer that also has an operation in Kennett, owned by a local franchisee by the way.

There were some issues regarding those appliances, they did not hook up the ice maker in the refrigerator when it was delivered on Friday as we requested. Perhaps I should just be glad they left information telling me what kind of part to buy to hook it up myself. Then the refrigerator had a scratch on it. Of course, it was the only one that size in the particular color.

I got the part and hooked the ice maker up. My wife then contacted the major retailer who agreed to knock off a little bit if we wanted to keep it and buy appliance paint -- it wasn't a big scratch, but it was the principal of the thing. Trying to reach that major retailer by phone, calling the local number got us connected with a customer service department that I believe was in India. I'm fairly certain of that because after I got hung up on the first time and had to call back I got the first operator's sister, or at least cousin. I never did connect with the local store.

The table she bought on Saturday had a big glob of glue on it and when Haylee tried to remove it the finish came off. My wife called the local number for the major retailer and asked for customer service. She talked to "David," who told her to just bring the table in and swap it out.

Haylee took the table back to the store and guess what, they did not know anyone named David and had never heard of anyone named David. Guess they've never been to India. Or, maybe they need to call their own customer service department and ask for David. She ended up talking to a manager who made the correct decision.

Had we been in Kennett this never would have happened. Oh sure, the appliance might have had a scratch, but it would have been resolved in about five minutes with one phone call to a person we actually know. I doubt the hookup issue would have transpired as it did either. It is instances like these that make one appreciate living and doing business in a small town.

* * *

"'It Is Finished'

"The New Masonic and City Hall

"Kennett and Dunklin county have reason to be proud of the new City and Masonic building just completed...

"It stands northeast of the public square, facing west.

"It is two full stories high, build of brick, with a red pressed-brick front, and stands on a solid cement and hard brick foundation.

"Its inside dimensions are 30 feet by 80 feet and throughout the material used is all picked and first-class. The construction work on plans furnished by Architect Blackwood, now of Cape Girardeau, was all done by day's labor, thus insuring attention to details that contract work does not always turn out.

"The building is plastered throughout, and has on it a roof of extra heavy tine. Its cost to the City of Kennett and the Mason order (Kennett lodge and Helm Royal Arch chapter) has been close to $6,000. It will be free of debt when finished. The ownership proportion is estimated at three-fifths for the lower story, the city's part, and two-fifths to the Masons. The latter having expended $1,000 in fitting up the upper story, which will be used exclusively by the order."

Thanks to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated, historian Vivian Helton for passing along that information from page one of the DD dated, March 20, 1903.

By the way, the building described above is still in use today and serves as the Dunklin County Museum.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.