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Answer Man

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Q: Are Social Security Funds being provided to illegal aliens unconstitutional?

A: Although very few of us are Constitutional Lawyers, we are familiar with the maneuvers around this document to satisfy political and cultural agendas.

In the January 28 edition of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Mr. Ken Emfinger

wrote a letter-to-the-editor saying that providing Social Security Funds to illegal aliens was unconstitutional.

While being in complete agreement with the spirit of Mr. Emfinger's letter, it is more than doubtful that the Constitution - as written - has any mention of this subject.

It certainly isn't in the original Constitution, because Social Security as we know it wasn't even around at that time. Nor is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, or any of the new amendments since then.

Politician of the past have looked upon the Constitution as nebulous - therefore a subject that can be manipulated to suit their needs.

Providing Social Security Funds to illegal aliens is so bizarre there is no place for it except in politics, or in the realm of incredulity.

Q: Where are the great Riverboats of the past?

A: Need a little help on this one from some old timers who might remember those boats going up and down the Mississippi.

The January 28, 2010 edition of the D.D.D. had an AP story about the Missouri Gaming Commission voting to close the President Casino that sits moored to the Mississippi River on the century old Admiral riverboat in St. Louis.

This has no particular significance, because the suckers will quickly find another place to lose their money.

What it did bring to mind was a day when youngsters would sit on the riverbank in Caruthersville and watch their elders board either the President, the Admiral, or the Island Queen.

The grown folks would be in high spirits as they escorted their wives, or sweethearts. Some attempted to hide their party refreshments, and some didn't bother.

It must have been fun for them; but by the time we would have been old enough to "brown-bag-it" up those gangplanks those boats were off the river.

All was not lost because the Island Queen reserved an exclusive pleasure designed for school children. They had an afternoon excursion with no stronger drink served than R.C. Cola.

Trying to describe the thrill and excitement of that afternoon would be as difficult as explaining young love to a celibate priest.

The President, the Admiral, and the Island Queen. The Admiral is of course where the President Casino sits. The Island Queen ended its river days when its boiler blew up. There was a "President" riverboat. What ever happened to it is uncertain.

Were there more riverboats that docked in Caruthersville for those short cruises on the river? Some really old timers are needed here to clear up the picture.

Q: Is John Daly really through with golf?

A: Probably not.

TV last Friday had an interview with a highly discouraged John Daly. He had missed a tournament cut shooting 79 & 71 for the first two rounds.

He had a whipped dog look on his face. He said that he had had it; that he just couldn't compete anymore. Said he was through with golf. Now he's having second thoughts.

Forgetting for a moment his rough & tumble personal life , which has done nothing to complement his game, he was born in 1966 making him 44 years old.

That alone tells you things may not quite be what they used to be.

Even more significant may be that he at one time he was golf's longest ball hitter. He relished on that, sometimes continuing to pound away with his driver when a particular course demanded accurate shots in the fairway. It was the thing that made John Daly. It had a lot to do with his charisma.

Now with the weight lifting, the new equipment, and the training, there are several players today who can hit the ball as far as he can - and more.

He has lost his edge in that department, and that may be as well as anything why he is so discouraged.

Q: Does anyone really know to drive on ice?

A: Maybe - in a slippery sort of way.

Driving on snow can be managed because you can see it, and any fool knows to slow down a little.

When driving on ice, the ice manages you, not the other way. Of course you must drive very slow, and when you hit the ice you must fight every corpuscle in your body not to slam down hard on the brakes.

If you do you will probably lose control of the wheel, and the car will be sliding in a direction you did not intend.

Then.... you must remember to turn the wheel in the direction of the slide. Yeah!! If you can do this - which is contrary to every natural inclination in mind and body - then you should straighten out - providing you have not already smacked into the curb, or a parked car.

All the while you must prepare for the collision from a car behind you that hit down on his breaks too hard.

The moral of this story: Don't try to drive on ice.

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The Answer Man