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Will this invention be patented?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
L I'll B ...

... MRDucks Another way to say that is, "Well, I'll be. Those are ducks." We just tend to say things a little differently in Swampeast Missouri. In this story, though, that's not a duck.

A good duck hunter will set out duck decoys on a pond or in some cases just a field in an effort to fool real ducks into joining their friends. Sometimes hunters will try to get creative with their decoys.

A lot of hunters will have a string attached to the decoys and start pulling on the string to make the decoys move and bounce on the water. Supposedly that makes the decoys look more real, but I haven't heard from the ducks about that.

Some hunters like to go high tech and use the robo duck decoys. These decoys are battery-operated and are supposed to simulate a duck's wings coming in for a landing in the water. Again, I haven't heard from the ducks so I don't know if the motorized wings work and better or not.

One fellow I heard about last week may be on to something that will put duck decoy makers out of business. This young man went one better and actually sunk his boat right in the middle of his duck decoys in the pond. Some folks are giving him a little hard time about this, but I think they're missing the boat (no pun intended).

Think about it for just a minute.

Most ducks with any sense will be able to see that those are just decoys sitting down there on the water. No self-respecting duck is gonna be fooled by a silly little decoy sitting there, even if it has motorized wings.

However, a duck flying overhead that sees the tail end of a boat sticking up out of the water is likely to think, "Hey, that silly hunter's gone and drown himself. That's got to be a pretty safe place to land," and come right on into the hole.

Some folks don't see it like that and are unfairly, in my opinion, giving Clay Adams a hard time. I would just like to remind Eddie Adams and Clay's older brother, Chas, that people laughed at Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and a bunch of other famous inventors, too, and to give Clay a break.

However, it would be a good idea for Clay to take the motor off the boat before he sinks it next time.

* * *


Just about the time I think we're going to retire the Husband of the Year Award I hear a tale that reminds me there are some guys out there who go above and beyond the call of duty.

An early candidate for the 2009 HOTY is none other than Thomas Scales.

Last week I ran into Thomas and his son, Tripp, at lunch. In between watching Tripp eat a steak the size of a small cow - Tripp didn't leave any scraps either and the funniest part of that was when the waitress brought him a go-plate in case he couldn't eat it all - Thomas shared the following.

Apparently (and I say "apparently" only because I haven't seen her in a while) his wife, Leigh, has worked hard to drop a few pounds. Thomas, being the good husband, allowed that he had picked those pounds up from Leigh.

Now it's some kind of husband that willing sacrifices his body like that and for his efforts we're going to seed Thomas in first place for the 2009 HOTY.

* * *

Stop thief

Youngsters, as Moms and Dads know, can ask a lot of questions about Santa Claus and Christmas. They'll ask about the North Pole, the reindeer, how such a big guy can get down the chimney and Mrs. Claus.

They also want to know how all those toys get made for all the little boys and girls all over the world. The elves are a good way to explain how that phenomenon occurs. Well, at least most of the time that will work.

Several days before Christmas Matt and Martha Mobley stopped in at one of our local shops. Their six year-old daughter, Meg, was along on this shopping trip as well.

Meg spied a ring she liked and asked her Mom and Dad if she could have it. As parents are wont to do when it gets close to the Big Day, they told Meg that if she were really, really good between then and Christmas Santa just might bring her that ring. There's not a parent alive who hasn't used that line and when it comes to getting a little extra edge, even with the best of kids, we'll stoop to such tricks.

Christmas morning at the Mobley household Meg is opening her gifts. She gets into her stocking and wonder of wonders, pulls out the very ring she had her heart set on.

Meg then looked at her dad and said, "Santa Claus broke into the pawn shop."

I have yet to hear how Matt and Martha explained that one.

* * *

No camel bailout

The U.S. Senate's passing of healthcare reform (by the way, it's insurance reform not healthcare reform) on Christmas Eve has gotten the juices flowing for our local political insider.

Without allowing those shenanigans in D.C. being perpetrated on us by his former campaign associates to interfere with his festive mood, Mike Mowrer still found time to ponder the "historic" occasion.

In an email he sent along Mike suggested the two are connected.

"Manger tax and Senatorial Health Care Reform are very similar. Principal differences: Magnitude/ # of taxpers/ $amt of P&I ." This may rank right up there with Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Mike had one other salient point to make in his email.

" Herod was better looking than Harry Reid. "

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