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Some 'friendly' suggestions to help others in 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bud Hunt
Well it's that time of year when the newspaper guy tries to do his part in helping some of our local folks improve themselves for the next 12 months by offering a resolution or two. Looking back on those suggested for last year it looks like most of those suggestions went unheeded. Some folks just can't be helped, I guess.

About the only suggestion/resolution that may have actually come about was that for Mike Mowrer. Regular readers will recall how the judge used all his skills to finagle himself into the hierarchy of the political campaigns during the election season last fall. He successfully maneuvered himself into a first-name relationship with the new administration. That resulted in him being on a mailing list for a contribution to pay for the big post-election celebration held in Chicago. Last year it was suggested Mike become a little more receptive to those solicitations and less of a Scrooge at this time of the year. I think this may be the only suggestion that was taken to heart out of all those proffered at the end of 2008.

John and Melanie Gamble should resolve to only travel to the northeast when the temperature is above 60 degrees and avoid those 30-hour layovers. John will make that resolution pretty quick. However, the layover did give Mel more time to shop in the Big Apple.

Pam Sherrod should resolve to hit the buttons on her telephone a little slower when she's trying to dial out from the her work station at Kennett National Bank and quit calling the 9-1-1 operator.

Grover Shannon will probably resolve to be a little more friendlier to people he meets in the coming year. Grover will probably resolve to do just that. However, it's hard to imagine Grover can be any more friendly, always showing up with a smile and a handshake, than he already is.

Susan Baker should resolve to do everything in her power to get on one of those television dance shows. Based on the reviews from her performance at the Kennett High School Mod Assembly, she would win the competition hands down, or is it "feet down?"

Laura Hutton should resolve to continue singing in the choir at First United Methodist Church. The choir performed its annual Christmas cantata last week and did a wonderful job under the direction of Jan McDaniel. No one looked like they enjoyed themselves more than Mrs. Hutton, though.

Along those lines, Tim Caldwell joined the FUMC choir for its performance last Sunday. Tim should resolve to put next year's cantata on his calendar as well. Oh, and the choir also has a special performance slated for the Easter season, just in case Tim's interested in helping out with that occasion.

Daryl Wilcoxson should work on having less of a guilty conscious. Recently it was noticed that whenever his wife, Vicky, called his name Daryl's response was an immediate, "Oh, I'm sorry," before he even knew why she was calling his name. Then again, maybe it was just Vicky's voice and Vicky's tone that tipped him off.

John Robertson should resolve to quit being so needy and just take a whole bushel of apples to the golf course when he goes to share with his squirrel friends.

David Blakemore should resolve to get his LOFT fixed to improve his golf game in 2010. He's apparently working on this one. Several days ago when most folks were not even thinking about golf David and a partner were out there -- in fact, I think they had the course to themselves- with the sides down on his golf cart cover getting in a, hopefully, quick round.

Clyde Wood should resolve to stop picking on his golfing partner Neal Gibbons. As fragile as Neal is he's liable to develop a complex that will lead to a nervous condition that will end up causing him to be hospitalized. Come to think of it, picking on Neal may be a business development plan Clyde's working on.

Jack Holifield should resolve to continue eating his daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. The diet's working out so well for him now it would be a shame to stop. Jack's practically turned into a vegan these days.

Jimmy and Heather McClain should just resign themselves to the fact that one Sunday morning, probably sooner rather than their youngest son, Silas, is going to blurt out a family secret during children's time of the church service. It's gonna happen, it's just a question of when and it's gonna be funny and everyone will laugh and Mom will turn a bright red. Of course, that will also be funny.

Janet Blankenship, NASCAR fan extraordinaire, should resolve to quit acting like some of her heroes and quit crashing her vehicle in light poles in parking lots. Pretty soon it's going to be hard for her to find a sponsor and put her in another vehicle. On the chance that Janet decides to keep on driving perhaps she should resolve to take a little lesson from the pros and start wearing a crash helmet.

And finally, Larry Jones should resolve to hook his neighborhood up first instead of almost last, the next time there's a major ice storm that comes through here. Sure we know he would take a little, okay a lot, of grief over such a decision, but someone's gotta be first, right. He's probably not going to make that resolution any time soon, so Larry should just resolve not to allow any more ice storms to come through here.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.