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Filling up Santa's sleigh

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bud Hunt publisher Daily Dunklin Democrat
It's that time of year when we once again turn our attention to helping out Ol' St. Nick as he prepares to make his rounds through the Bootheel. We've got a few suggestions to help him find the right gift for some of our area folk.

The Trend -- It's time this group of talented musicians were "discovered" Santa Claus. We're pretty sure the short road trip they took this summer playing gigs in Columbia, Mo., and the Big Apple have prepared them for the big time. Shucks, it sounds like they've already got a groupie if the gal who looked as if she was ready to jump on stage in Columbia finds out their concert tours sites it's a lock she'll show up. If she has her bottle of Geritol handy she probably will.

Vivian Helton -- Our very own unofficial, but much appreciated historian has done yeoman's work this year keeping the humble newspaper guy supplied with interesting tidbits from bygone days. Santa Claus we don't know what might be on her Christmas list, but whatever it is please make sure her wishes are fulfilled. She has earned it.

Carl Williams and Carlos Woodard -- It seems only fitting these two guys get the recognition they so richly deserve. I'm betting Kris Kringle knows someone who can get this dynamic duo into the Guinness Book of Records. Their losing streak at the weekly card game with their better halves, Barbara and Jerris, respectively, is unequaled over the years. Honestly, Carl and Carlos having been losing for so long they make the St. Louis Rams look like a juggernaut by comparison.

"Awthuw" Stewart -- Be extra kind to this guy Santa. He probably feels like he's landed amongst the heathen having ended up in the Bootheel from his beloved "Bawstin," but I guess that's what following a good woman will do for you. Actually, "Stew" as he is affectionately known to Neal Gibbons and several of his other golfing buddies, probably wasn't even aware he needed this gift until he got away from "Bawstin." It became pretty evident to a bunch of us pretty quick he needs this gift. "Stew" likes to shoot around "paw" while riding in his golf "cawt." Santa, please bring "Stew" that "R" he lost several years ago.

Roland and Gwendolyn Johnson -- St. Nick these two have a special request and are willing to wait just a while, about nine months or so for you to deliver this one. The Johnsons have raised three boys and even though they really love their three grandsons, they are also ready to welcome a granddaughter into the family. As Roland said, "All we know how to do is 'rough it up.'" So take your time St. Nick on coming through for Roland and Gwen, but not too much longer, please.

Martha Mobley -- Santa I believe this gal would like the green oak leaf pattern shirt for Christmas. It will be a nice change from the bark pattern shirt her hubby, Matt, got her for their anniversary earlier this year.

Jan Robertson -- This one's easy Mr. Claus. Bring her some earplugs. One of her husband's friends thought it would be funny to bring him an air horn a couple of weeks ago. John, Jan's other (not better) half, was off resting for a few days. Jan gave John a little bell that tinkled ever so softly for him to ring whenever he needed her assistance. Mike Hunter thought John might need something a little more, um, emphatic-sounding to get Jan's attention. Of course Mike might not have gotten the air horn if he had not overheard Jan and the girls, Jill and Jonna, talking about taking the clapper out of the little bell.

Shelia Reynolds -- This one's pretty easy as well, Santa. Bring this gal a pair of boxing gloves, her bare knuckles hurt. And while you're there drop off Tylenol for Jim just in case he ends up sparring with her.

Father Christmas we have a lot of people around these parts that give of themselves unselfishly year round. They do it because they care about their community and the people they call friend or neighbor, often times if they don't even know the name of the neighbor they're helping out. That's especially true at this time of the year whether it be donating to the Community Christmas Party, or the Jaycees and their food baskets. Most of these folks do so anonymously such as the gift to the Dunklin Day Activity Center. This particular "Christmas Angel" was pretty clever by using the local library's address on the envelope for a return address. So to all those folks who make our communities a better place deliver them a warm and special Merry Christmas.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian News and North Stoddard Countian.