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Cardwell Volunteer Fire Department uses available funds for Christmas giving project

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cardwell City Clerk Mary Vaughn, left, explains the process for the Cardwell Volunteer Fire Department to remove funds from its account to Cardwell Chief of Police and Fire Chief, Anthony Parker, right. Vaughn noted that the department can remove any amount of funds whenever, as long as it is approved by their board.

Staff photo by Joshua Payne

The Cardwell Volunteer Fire Department noted during a City Council meeting on Monday that a couple of families had recently been adopted to aid with funds in acquiring supplies and gifts for Christmas.

Police Chief and Fire Chief Anthony Parker asked City Clerk Mary Vaughn how the department needed to phrase the request for funds to complete the project.

The department is purchasing a jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, and a gift for the children, and that is costing approximately $75 each, according to Cardwell Volunteer Fire Department President Terry Burcham.

Vaughn explained to Burcham and Parker that, with the approval of the board of the Cardwell Volunteer Fire Department, she would write a check to "Cash" so the gifts could be purchase. She added that any leftover funds could be placed back into the account.

Burcham said that the department has chosen nine children and four adults and the total cost would be right at $800.

"We have a family we adopted in Arbyrd who just moved in the area, have five kids, and have nothing," Burcham said.

Vaughn noted that she agreed with the project, but wanted the department to cover themselves by phrasing the request with "up to" the total of the account balance. She noted that this would allow the department to spend the necessary funds without worrying about being limited to a certain amount of funds.

Also during the meeting, Parker noted that the department responded to a call on Highway 412 at Rick's Auto Sales for property damage to a vehicle on the parking lot. He added that a window was broken, the door was kicked, and an individual had attempted to steal the radio out of the vehicle.

Parker explained that the department also had a call of assault from two juveniles, and a bomb threat at Cardwell City Hall.

He added that a subject was also arrested on assault to his wife, her mother, and the mother's boyfriend.

The report also included four ambulance calls and one injury, according to Parker.

Vaughn noted during her report that for the month of November the city collected $6,446.07 in taxes and has sold a total of 180 city stickers for the upcoming year.

She added that when comparing the balances and accounts to the previous year, the city is up approximately 16 percent.

"The accounts are relatively ok, they fluctuate but are ok right now," Vaughn said.

A few areas of concern exist in the city's budget, according to Vaughn.

She noted that in the General Fund the city is over budget on supplies and miscellaneous supplies.

Other items going over budget were mosquito control, payroll for police department, supplies for the police department, and water and sewer, according to Vaughn.

Following Vaughn Richard Mara explained the Sanitary Sewer System Plan.

While explaining the Sanitary Sewer System Plan, Mara noted that the system is mandatory to be in place with new Department of Natural Resource (DNR) stipulations.

He said that the system has to be fully inspected on a yearly basis by pulling every man hole, checking each lift station, and checking the flow in each pipe.

"They [DNR] are going to expect [the city] to do this each year and I have to send a report to them twice per year," Mara said.

In other matters that came before the council:

* The city budget for 2010 was approved;

* Mara was approved to hire part-time help for the water department.