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A tribute with class and dignity

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bud Hunt is publisher of the Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and North Stoddard Countian.
All's well

Last week the local Rotary Club got word that things will be improving quickly in the country.

Rotarian Terry Berry journeyed to the nation's capitol last week with a pretty full agenda. We're not sure of all the things she said and did, but the local club is optimistic government will be squared away in a very short time.

One item on her agenda was a little Christmas shopping. Terry took hubby, Don, along looking for some new jewelry. She found the perfect piece, too.

Just in time for Christmas, Terry spied the Hope Diamond and informed Don she wants one just like it. That's so sweet, and just in time for Christmas.

* * *


Lanny Geary, part time gardener, part time college chemistry teacher, part time house remodeler and retired doctor, is taking a big leap forward in upgrading his technological communication abilities. Sorta.

Lanny bought a new phone last week. Actually, some of his friends are a little suspicious of him having a new phone in the first place. Lanny is famous for finding the best deals on anything and one of his favorite phrases is, "It's not free, it's included." We're thinking Lanny bought something and part of the deal was a new cell phone being included in the offer.

At the meeting of the Formerly-Located-Downtown Quarterback Club last week Lanny brought his new phone out to show around.

When Lanny pulled it out of his pocket and asked, "How do you answer this thing?" we had a good chuckle because we thought he was kidding. However, when it took him a few seconds to figure out how to answer the phone we knew he wasn't kidding.

After he was finished with the call he started showing us all the bells and whistles.

"Here's a rolodex," he said spinning around his new toy that didn't have anything on it and was basically just something to amuse himself with.

"And look, I've got a keyboard," he added.

The sad part is that both of his daughters are away at college. So, unless he takes the phone to the home of a friend with some teenagers Lanny won't be able to take full advantage his new phone. He might as well have a tin can with a piece of string tied to it.

* * *

Christmas shopping

It's not too late to get started on those Christmas wish lists. Here are some suggestions to help those looking for that perfect gift.

"Women's Famous Vitality Shoes - The high quality Shoes have been arranged in three groups

"$4.85 - $3.85 - $2.85

"Airstep shoes - Arranged in two groups

"$3.85 - $2.85

"$5 Famous Movietone Footwear; Choice of any pair - $3.85

"James Kahn Bootery, Kennett, Missouri"

These specials probably did not last long when they were announced on the November day back in 1937. Then there were those who are tired of wearing out their shoe leather and this next announcement is directed to them.

"No Use Walking--

"When good used cars are being sold as cheap as we are offering them today. Our line is always complete; some of this week's bargains are:

"Ford Touring Car - Like new, with accessories...$400

"Dodge Touring Car - In good shape...$200

"Dodge Truck, Complete - With Cab and body...$300

"Dodge Bros. Coupe - Used 1500 miles as demonstrator...$1000

"When You Buy a Used Car from Us, You are Satisfied; ask someone who has.

"Riggs Motor Company, Kennett, Missouri"

This special was offered Nov. 9, 1923 in the Dunklin Democrat. I'm pretty sure these bargains are no longer around, although the Craftons might find a pair of shoes stuck back in the corner somewhere while working on their remodeling project of the former James Kahn Building.

* * *

Fitting tribute

I have always enjoyed the various military music groups Jack Astrachan, who continues to polish his reputation as "Mr. Entertainment," manages to line up for performances here. Jack came to me months ago and said he had gotten a call from the Army Field Band. They first performed here six years ago, Nov. 14, 2003 to be exact and so were familiar with the area and had worked with Jack that time as well.

Officers with the band told Jack they were going to be near Kennett and had an open date, would he be interested in helping them put on another performance? I think jack accepted on the spot.

I had planned to mention the concert in my column this week and was pretty certain of how I would describe the event in broad, general terms. I would have mentioned some of the solo performances and the KHS Band students selected to sit in on a number with the orchestra. And, those things all happened and those in attendance were treated to a night of instrumental and vocal music by world class musicians.

And then a Malden soldier lost his life while serving in Afghanistan and in a very private ceremony the family requested was laid to rest Thursday morning. It was that afternoon, hours before the concert, another U.S. Army soldier went on a rampage killing a civilian and 12 other soldiers, wounding 28 others. (I realize this is a very fluid situation as this column is being written and the actual number may change by the time its read.)

I caught up with Jack at the concert. He had been at the high school gym most of the afternoon and wasn't even aware of the tragedy playing out at Ft. Hood. We wondered if a moment of silence would be order and even when. We decided to wait and see if during the break when those who helped would be recognized might offer such an opportunity.

The Army took care of the situation with class and dignity.

As they prepared for the second encore number Colonel Thomas Palmatier, Commander and Conductor of the band and Soldiers' Chorus stepped to the microphone.

He said that while the band enjoys nothing more than leaving the crowd cheering and clapping that night, perhaps after the final number, a very somber song from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" a different response might be in order. Instead of applause a quiet dismissal as we filed out would, Col. Palmatier suggested be more appropriate. There were several tears shed as he made his remarks.

And so that's what the crowd did in remembrance of those as yet unnamed fallen in Ft. Hood and Spc. Robert K. Charlton.

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.