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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another quarantine looming?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not my fault

The third annual Kennett Cup was played at the local course last Sunday. The event is held as a benefit for the Delta Children's Home. We've covered it in the newspaper and KAIT television station actually found its way here for a good news story.

The format is a team concept, Black and Gold, and has two individuals paired up against two others for one nine holes and then individual matches for the second nine holes. My partner last Sunday was Jerry Noble and we were on the Black team

Jerry and I were paired up against the team of Van Winton and Chad Pritchett. In the team matchup Jerry and I lost, 2-1, to Van and Chad.

At Tuesday night's board meeting Jerry announced his intent to resign as superintendent of the Kennett Schools at the end of the year. Some wag has suggested there is a direct correlation between the two events.

It is true I left Jerry on his own a couple of holes. However, I'm pretty sure on those holes I was careful to pick up his clubs for him. I did stop short of wiping them off and cleaning them up a bit before returning them to him. Maybe I should have.

And, yes, I probably missed a putt or two I should have made but I still don't believe that's why he resigned.

Nor do I think Jerry resigned because his name was misspelled on the lineup sheets. Honestly, the first time the sheet came out I wasn't sure who my partner was. Some guy named Jerry Knoble was listed as my teammate. It may be that Jerry figured he's been here all this time and can't graduate folks who can spell the superintendent of schools' name he might as well hang it up.

Then again, just in case Jerry resigned because they made him partner with me perhaps the powers-that-be in the Kennett Cup can promise that won't happen next year.

* * *

They're real

Last Saturday afternoon the Westgate neighborhood had a block party and met at the home of Barbara and Reggie Cunningham. Anyone who has driven past their home knows how pretty and well maintained they keep the lawn. The backyard is just as nice and even has a waterfall. Unfortunately for a couple of guys, I think their wives noticed how pretty the waterfall is as well.

One of those wives was Pam Sherrod. Pam asked a lot of questions about the waterfall and mentally I could see her husband, Joe, clearing his schedule for the next few months.

The waterfall has several large rocks at the bottom, obviously supporting the smaller rocks at the top. Pam noticed those large rocks, too.

"Do you think they're real?" she asked as we were standing there. Joe looked at me but being wise beyond his years did not say anything. However, we both burst out in laughter.

Pam's defense, and she's right is that fake rocks are made. I shouldn't have laughed.

The next morning as I went into Sunday School class I took my seat between my wife and Pam. Nothing special, done it many times before. However, I had never done that following a little humor at her expense.

About 15 minutes into the lesson Pam spilled her cup of coffee. I'm sure it was only coincidental that the coffee came my way and not toward Joe. It was only "lightning-quick" reflexes that saved me from being scalded. (It may have been because the coffee ran off the edge of the table before it even got close to me, but it's a better story this way).

Pam apologized, several times, so I'm pretty sure it really was just an accident.

However, after class was over Joe told me about a boat paddle Pam's dad, Jack Stone, made her. I haven't seen it, but my understanding is that these are pretty nice, well-made boat paddles. And we all know what boat paddles are made for - to move boats through water.

Joe said Pam did not want to hang the boat paddle on her back porch because she didn't want it to get wet.

I promise I did not laugh because Pam will have another cup of coffee next week.

* * *

Cardwell's wall

"The Paragould Soliphone was considerably nettled over the item in the DEMOCRAT about Paragould quarantining against Cardwell and keeping the latter's money. The item was dictated by and published at the request of some of Cardwell's most prominent businessmen. Kennett was not interested, now was the DEMOCRAT. But listen to the Soliphone.

"'Paragould may not be able to have a hanging bee every few weeks to attract the trade of its Missouri neighbors, but in the manner of substantial trade and banking facilities Paragould offers to them the best within their reach.

"'As to smallpox: The quarantine was established by the board of health. Paragould has had less than five cases this winter and they were brought from other places. The Cardwell smallpox is of the Kennett variety and perhaps there would have been no smallpox at Cardwell if there had been no communications between Cardwell and Kennett.'

The DEMOCRAT responds:

"This coming from a town noted for its many forms of sinfulness: a breeding place for and supporter of 'blind-tigers' (illegal saloons); one where two bank cashiers became contaminated and fell within three months; where smallpox has existed at intervals for nearly two years and a town that gave the disease to Cardwell - the above coming from Paragould is refreshing at this time."

Kudos to the DDD's unofficial, but much appreciated historian Vivian Helton for finding this tale of community spirit (?) in the pages of the march 29, 1901 edition of the DD. With the H1N1 virus being out there does anyone foresee a similar quarantine this winter?

Bud Hunt is publisher of the

Daily Dunklin Democrat, Daily Statesman, Delta News-Citizen, Missourian-News and

North Stoddard Countian.