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A Special Little Stormy Gift to Me

Posted Monday, August 20, 2012, at 8:36 AM

I read this story written by one of my good friends, who I also roomed with while at Ole Miss. She is a mother of 5 boys and this story is a testament to her faith and love for her family. She has always been an exceptional lady. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi. I just had to share with you. I know it will bring a bit of light into you life too. Enjoy!!

A SPECIAL LITTLE STORMY GIFT TO ME.... Yesterday Jack was moving into his dorm at Ole Miss to begin his freshman year. Jack has had such anticipation for this day that any sadness I felt dissolved in his excitement. However, though we had planned for weeks for this special day, it was going to be quite a physical challenge for me. Ross had moved in a house in Oxford days before with several other sophomore guys and had asked me to bring some additional pieces of furniture. Moreover, Asher, who is a junior, was going to have his first football game; however, the game was going to be played in Hattiesburg on the opposing field located hours south. I carefully constructed a plan... we packed the car the night before, and loaded the trailer with furniture. I determined to leave the following morning at seven just as Harper and Asher would be leaving for school. However, when I woke Harper he announced it was Pirate Day and we then spent the next half hour cutting t- shirts to construct pirate clothing...arrrh! As the boys left for school I explained to Asher that though I would not be coming to the Pep Rally, I would be at the game. However, I was now leaving about thirty minutes behind my planned schedule. Driving north toward Oxford, trailer in tow, I arrived several hours later. Ross and I unloaded his furniture, hung a few pictures, and I then headed to Stockard Dormitory to help Jack get settled. As we began to unpack, the rain began to pour down creating a further challenge to the day, only upstaged by putting a futon together backwards. I had estimated that I would need to leave Oxford at two o'clock in order to make a seven o'clock kickoff at the football field in Hattiesburg. It was now four o'clock in the afternoon, I was hours behind schedule, and that the kickoff would not be possible. Leaving Oxford with my empty trailer, I was frustrated and a bit discouraged. Driving south I created a new plan- I would stop in Jackson, unhitch the trailer, pick up Will to travel with me, and continue south to the game. Though I wouldn't make the beginning, I could hopefully get to see the last quarter of the game. It was 6:30 when I finally returned to Jackson, picked up Will and headed south for the 2-hour drive. Showers and stormy skies made travel a bit slower, but as we arrived in Hattiesburg at 8:30 I was still optimistic about seeing the final plays of the game. However, as I tried to follow directions to the field I was instead lost. Backroads, scattered rain, and tired, I realized there was little possibility of making any of the game. It was 9:00 as I spotted the lights of the field in the distance. Disappointed, I told Will perhaps we would at least get to see Asher before he loaded the football bus to travel home. As we entered the muddy parking lot, I was able to view the scoreboard. '0-0', I thought, 'had neither team scored a touchdown?' I also wondered why no cars had begun to leave; perhaps I would be able to see the final minutes after all! As I began to park, I had a more complete view of the field.... a large Raider sign, a huddle of football players, and cheerleaders lining the end zone. I rolled down my window, hearing the Star Spangled Banner. A bit confused, I watched as Asher along with a host of Raiders broke through a banner and ran across the field. Passing students shared that the thunderstorms in the area had caused the game to be delayed... it was the beginning, not the end! I didn't even miss a play! It was late when the outcome was finally determined. I hugged my son and shared a victory. In the distance the dark night was once again filled with the light of a passing storm. As I walked to my car I thought to myself one simple thought.... HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE STORM, I WOULD HAVE MISSED THE CELEBRATION...

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