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Cash only

Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2011, at 8:10 AM

I sent this email to the staff at my school. I wanted to share with you too. This really did happen and it is something I feel needs to be told..... and most of you know that I live in the LA area...

I wanted to share something with all of you. Yesterday morning I stopped by a bakery in Duarte or Azusa not sure which one it was they all seem to run together to me. I stopped at a place I had never been before. I wanted to pick up some bakery items for the staff on the way in. Well I went in and ordered a good amount of goodies and then handed the lady (I think it was like a mom and pop bakery) my debit card. I heard her say something in Chinese to a man, then he walked out and said, we are cash only. I was frustrated since I had no cash, but the man said, "take the boxes I trust you to pay me", I was shocked but didn't have cash so I told him I would be back to pay him. It was an odd feeling when I walked out with all those wonderful items after having not paid! (I kept having these thoughts during the day at school that the police might come and arrest me!!!!! LOL (at school) yikes)!

I went by after school they were closed. So this morning I stopped by again. The man and women (turns out they are married) were standing there with no one in the shop just looking out. When they saw me they started smiling and it dawned on me that they didn't think I would be back to pay them!! I went in and paid (in cash) and tried to tip them for being so kind, of course they wouldn't take my tip. I thanked them for their kindness then they insisted on giving me more donuts.

There are still some really incredibly wonderful people in this world (aside from us at MUSD) and it just made me feel good to have experienced this first hand. We need more of these stories these days I think. To remind us things aren't as bad as they seem.

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