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December 9, 2012

Posted Thursday, December 13, 2012, at 11:46 AM

I attended a Christmas get together with the Emergency Management people last night. I personally believe that Christmas parties should be held as close to Christmas as possible. December the eighth seems a little too far from the magic day. However, I can't complain about a free meal and time spent with a good group of people. The EMA group furnishes your weather watch during periods of severe weather and works with the fire and police departments to coordinate Malden's response if we have a major disaster of any type. The agency also trains with and is our primary contact with the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Our local EMA works hard, and I believe most of the labor is volunteered. They certainly deserve a great deal of thanks and a good dinner.

We meet as your city government tomorrow evening. We will discuss what to do or maybe to do nothing about the former Malden Nutrition Center building. You may remember it as the General Baptist Church. The building has stood on the corner of West Main Street and Douglass Street all of my life. It was abandoned in 2007 when the new nutrition center on East Main Street was completed. The building is in bad condition (that's why the nutrition center moved), and it is in a very visible location. There are nice commercial facilities on the other three corners of this intersection. We, as the City of Malden, strive to clean up our community. The building code in our town is a part of the laws which regulate us all. I don't believe that the City of Malden is out of compliance with the building code as to the old nutrition center location, but we are arguably close to non-compliant. I said it's a highly visible location, and it would be a major improvement to our town to pull the building down and clean up the property. The issue, as always, will be money. Can we afford to tear it down and pay the cost of hauling off the debris? We will discuss the problem at our city council meeting.

The municipal golf course is on the agenda again. I ordered the current employees of the course to be laid off from their jobs last week. The course is out of money. We can't spend money that is not in their fund; however, the city council can vote to transfer money into the golf course fund. There is not much interest in doing that. The course is not closed, and you can still play golf there, but the club house is not open, and no one is there to collect greens fees. Many good people have worked very hard to find a solution to the financial problems of the municipal golf course. I met with some of those people last week, and they still want to seek some method of maintaining the course. I would say that the solution must be found in the next sixty to ninety days. Anyone who is interested in this problem should speak up now and become directly involved.

The financial report is as follows:

November 30, 2012Balance $1,305,992.35
Revenues $62,227.84
Expenses $149,295.91
December 7, 2012Balance $1,218,924.28 (A Day of Infamy)

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