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December 2, 2012

Posted Thursday, December 6, 2012, at 10:16 AM

Today is December 2nd and it is sixty-seven degrees outside. I mentioned last week that at our last city council meeting we appropriated $6,500 to purchase a new snow plow. I'm sure there was some logic involved in that decision, but right now it plum evades me.

There is a pre construction meeting this Wednesday December 5th to discuss the building of Malden's new wastewater treatment plant with the successful bidder. I can assure you that if that project is not completed then there may be a need for the snowplow but not to move snow.

I had a very informal discussion with some people from the Malden Public Schools last week. I know the school has considered installing an electronic message board similar to the ones that most financial institutions, drug stores, and other businesses have. The City of Malden has talked about it. The primary purpose would be as a means of communication with the people of this town. During the ice storm communication,or the lack thereof, was a serious problem. There is no longer a local radio station and our newspaper publishes once a week. There is what we now call the "social media" such as FACEBOOK and TWITTER. The cell telephone has become ubiquitous. The question has frequently been asked in our emergency preparedness meetings: how do we talk to people?

A giant electronic message board in a central location might be the solution. Giant electronic message boards cost a lot of money but by partnering with the schools and maybe allowing a commercial entity to place their name and corporate logo on the device it might be financially feasible. We could tell the public about the time and place of public meetings, publicize school athletic events and other school activities, tell the public if the water mains in their section of town are scheduled for flushing, deliver warnings, the list is limitless. We could even tell you where the fire is, where the police car went with its siren on, and who the ambulance is picking up. Malden is not the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina, but we have our moments and equally good people. The electronic sign is something to think about and as always we appreciate your thoughts because if we buy it your money will pay for it.

On a somewhat related note I received a telephone call from a gentlemen in, I believe, Washington D.C. He said that he had read what he called my "blog," (I call it my homework) for this newspaper. He was with the Delta Regional Caucus and wished to publish my "homework" in their newsletter. I had attended their meeting in West Memphis, Arkansas in October and wrote about the meeting the next week. Basically, I said I learned that Malden is not unique in this country with our problems and that they are in fact almost universal in the Mississippi Delta. Our hope for the future lies in our people deciding to come back and give back and those of us who are here make all the preparations we can to make our community better. Cooperation among us and our local entities is of the utmost importance. The city and the school can come together and build a message board. The message can be that we are still here and still trying.

The financial report is as follows:

November 23, 2012

Balance $1,208,160.80

Revenues $151,249.74
Expenses $53,418.19
November 30, 2012

Balance $1,305,992.35

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