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September 12, 2012

Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2012, at 12:31 PM

I would like say thank you to the Malden city employees who recently finished work on repairing a break in one of our sewer mains. If you had watched these people on the job you could only have gained respect for what they do. It is their job and what they are paid for, but they perform their work with dedication and skill. They dug a hole that looked like it was halfway to China, and then they set a $39,000 lift station into the hole in what appeared to be a somewhat delicate operation. This has been a long process fraught with difficulties and delay. The major delay has been in gaining authorization from the various government agencies that must place their stamp of approval on the process. Our people have persevered, and we can soon throw the switch to pump unmentionable stuff and place the portable pumps back in storage. I can't name everyone who worked so hard but the supervisors were Kurt Krepps with the Water and Sewer Department and Ronnie Lyons with the Electric Department. Many thanks again for completing a dirty and more than a little dangerous job.

There is a Malden City Council meeting tomorrow evening. We are rescheduling somewhat quickly after our August 20th meeting. We moved it up to the September date to accommodate the city council members who will attend the annual convention of the Missouri Municipal League. The agenda is short and the meeting should be as well. "The government that governs least governs best." Mark Twain, always good for a quote, said it best, "America is only truly safe when Congress is not in session."

I attended a fly in breakfast sponsored by the Civil Air Patrol this past Saturday. The event was well attended; the pancakes and sausage were good, and hopefully the public noticed the good work performed by the CAP. They were here in force for the ice storm in 2009. The CAP will quite literally be the eyes and ears to send assistance in the event of a major disaster. Malden is fortunate to have the former air force base as a facility for the CAP and any aircraft. The runways are in excellent shape and any services civilian aviation needs are available. Malden's airport is a designated communication center in the event of the "big one" on the New Madrid fault. September is Disaster Preparedness Month. I suggest you check your preparations.

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