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September 5, 2012

Posted Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 2:00 PM

Congratulations and thank you to the members of the Malden Alumni Association who worked so hard to make our Labor Day Homecoming weekend a success. The parade was great, and the attendance at the alumni luncheon, held at the Malden Community Center, set a new attendance record. I enjoyed our Labor Day Homecoming Weekend as much as any event on the Malden calendar. I look forward to it each year, and I will credit Bill Hampton for starting what is now a tradition, and we thank him for the great idea.

We made the TV news twice last week. After almost 60 years of television in our homes, you would think our being on the news is not that big a deal. Apparently, it's a big deal.

Our first appearance was in a spot about Malden's electrical rates. Our city administrator noted that the Malden Board of Public Works meets on the last Tuesday of each month and invited the public to attend. The night following his appearance on Channel 12, the BPW met in its regularly scheduled meeting. One member of the public attended. That's one more than is usually there- the power of television. The story about Malden's electrical rates was a result of a complaint that Malden's rates were too high. Malden's rates were competitive, but prior to the TV story, the BPW had voted to lower rates by 29% at their July meeting. The BPW will meet again the last Tuesday in September, and the public is cordially welcome.

Our second television appearance of the week, and my first, was in regard to the Union Pacific Railroad. The crew from Channel 12 who came to Malden to film a story of our electrical rates was re-routed to our City Hall because all of the rail intersections in our downtown were blocked by a Union Pacific Train. The fact that the train had been parked though out Malden for at least four hours, caught the attention of the television crew. It certainly caught mine. I was on the telephone with Union Pacific and specifically their operations manager for the Jonesboro, Arkansas district. He manages the Jonesboro district and has offices in Omaha, Nebraska. Very nice man. A very busy man, because he told me six times in three minutes that he was a very busy man. He also said, "I'm going to make your life easier," and he did. He got the train moving. When I asked him why the train was parked in Malden for so long, he told me the rail yard at Pine Bluff, AR was full and they weren't accepting any more railroad cars. I thought it was very unusual that they would park a train in Malden for that length of time. Thankfully, it is very unusual. Malden came into existence as a railroad town in 1878. The railroad runs north to south through Malden for approximately 5 miles. Sometimes you quite literally, "Can't get around it." In the last 134 years, when we "can't get around it," we learn to live with it.

Financial report is as follows:

August 24, 2012

Balance $1,306, 049.80

Revenues $108,022.78

Expenses $139423.26

August 31, 2012

Balance $1,274,649.51

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