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August 29, 2012

Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2012, at 9:48 AM

We held our scheduled city council meeting for August last Monday, August 20th. In the course of business your city government approved the 1029th, 1030th, and 1031th stop sign in the City of Malden. The preceding is a mild exaggeration but only a mild one. All stop signs in Malden require the enacting of a city ordinance before they can be placed at the designated intersection. I can testify that we have passed a lot of stop sign ordinances since I have been involved with the city.

Personally, I wish we could just pass a master ordinance and declare every intersection in our town a three way or four way stop. Under the current system we die the death of a thousand cuts or boredom of listening to the reading of a proposed law that differs from the other laws only in the description of the effected intersection. Malden's city attorney tells me that we can't have just one law stating that all intersections require that motorists come to a stop before proceeding. The law requires much more specificity before it will permit prosecution. The result is that we continue passing ordinances creating stop signs all over our town. I believe we are closing in all full saturation.

One more observation (literally) is that only about 50% of vehicles stop at the intersection in front of my house, 40% do the "Missouri Stop," and 10% just keep right on going!

We agreed by ordinance to conform to the Missouri State Statute regarding conflict of interest by elected officials and the necessity of disclosure if someone has a conflict. This is done every two years, but it is one of the important checks on elected officials.

The most important thing we did, at least in the short term, and one that will directly effect everyone's pocketbook is to accept the recommendation of the Malden Board of Public Works to lower electric rates. There was no argument against it. We should say thank you to the BPW members for their effort. The BPW is struggling with a tough economy and issues related to our brutal weather, but they are winning the fight on our behalf. I noticed on CBS News a week or so ago that they interviewed the Corps of Engineers official in charge of hydroelectric power about the costs of electricy and drought problems. The gentleman was standing on the dam at Tenkiller Lake in Eastern Oklahoma. Malden receives some of its electricity from that lake.

Malden's Labor Day Homecoming Weekend is upon us. If you haven't bought your ticket for the Homecoming Luncheon, please contact a member of the alumni association or call the Malden Chamber of Commerce. Round up the members of your graduating class and grab a truck or trailer and ride in the parade this Saturday, September 1st. If it's hot some fool will try to soak you with a water gun. This is our home, and we will try to look the best we can. If you are coming back to visit us, I would like to extend you a gracious welcome. Remember that home is the place that when you go there they have to let you in! Malden will let you in, do its best to entertain you, and we will try to feed you. If your old girl friend or boy friend still doesn't want to talk to you then take solace in the fact that you may not look so good either. Have fun!

I looked at some old documents and five years ago Malden had a balance of $854,917.87 in the bank on approximately this date. You can draw your own conclusion from that number.

The financial report is as follows:

August 17, 2012

Balance $1,321,998.49

Revenues $18,751.40

Expenses $34,700.00

August 24, 2012

Balance $1,306,049.89

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