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April 15, 2012

Posted Thursday, May 10, 2012, at 3:02 PM

We will meet as your city government tomorrow night. There will be a new city council sworn in to serve until the 2013 municipal elections. The city council will be "new," but it will have all the old members because all of the incumbents were re-elected. Everyone who is newly elected will take the oath of office, and I believe all those people are made cognizant of the seriousness of their duties by participating in that ceremony.

The seriousness of what we do will be immediately brought home by the major item on our agenda. We must approve the necessary resolution and ordinance to allow the City of Malden to enter into a lease purchase agreement with a firm known as Greyhawk Commercial Finance, LLC. The agreement is to provide financing for the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant on the Malden Industrial Park. Malden will use approximately 440 acres of land that we own, but the cost of the plant itself is estimated by our engineers to be around $2,000,000.

The plant must be built to satisfy the most recent water quality standards of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The treatment plant will be operated by the Malden Board of Public Works and the BPW will be tasked with overseeing its construction. Ultimately, no board or committee can obligate the citizens of Malden without the approval of the city council. I hope there will be a lively discussion of the wastewater treatment plant in order for not just the city council but the people of our community to understand why a large chunk of their money is being spent.

On a collateral issue the BPW is still in negotiations with the Dunklin County Sewer District to decide how much of the cost of the wastewater treatment plant that the DCSD will share. The DCSD uses the City of Malden's sewer system for its sewage. In the words of Jimmy Buffet, "The lawyers are studying the options." I'm an optimist, and I believe that an amicable settlement can be arranged. Good fences make good neighbors and so can easily interpretable contracts.

The city council will approve or disapprove the results of the recent municipal elections. I'm sure there will be no controversy especially about the vote on the sales tax increase for the fire department. Again, thank you to our community for the show of confidence. The office of Fire Chief has been temporarily filled for the last three months by our Chief of Police, and he has done a splendid job. Tomorrow night I will appoint Charles Cooper to be Malden's Fire Chief on a permanent basis. I don't foresee any problem with Mr. Cooper gaining the approval of the city council. Mr. Cooper is a life long resident of Malden and has served for a number of years with the Malden Fire Department.

Please join us if you can at any meeting of the City of Malden or its various boards and committees. You will always be welcome, and we cannot legally prevent you from attending. We will spend your money at these meetings. It appears that we will spend about $2,000,000 of it tomorrow night. Whether or not we spend it wisely or foolishly is a matter of your opinion.

The financial report is as follows:

April 6, 2012

Balance $1,289,403.15

Revenues $161,848.70

Expenses $113,754.15

April 13, 2012

Balance $1,337,754.15

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