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April 1, 2012

Posted Friday, May 4, 2012, at 5:26 PM

I received an interesting offer last week. A representative of the People's Republic of China contacted me and requested a meeting. The Chinese government is apparently interested in acquiring, either by lease or purchase, all of the 2,850 acres that make up what was once the Malden Air Force Base. This land is now owned by the City of Malden and was given to us by the United States Government.

Anyone who follows baseball is aware of the dominance of the Little League players from Taiwan. They are almost always in the Little League World Series held each year in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They frequently win. Asian players from nations such as Taiwan, Japan, and Korea are no longer an oddity in Major League Baseball. Some have been All Stars.

The mainland government of China is now the second largest economy in the world. They are second only to the USA. Their economy and culture are bursting upon the world stage and intend, according to their representative, to fully participate at all levels.

The Chinese gentleman I spoke with, whose name by the way is Ducki Jo, wants to use the 2,850 acres in Malden to build a training camp for Chinese baseball players. He is, apparently, dead serious.

The Chinese are known for their intelligence, ambition, and long range planning. In conversation with Mr. Jo he indicated that it is their intention to use the St. Louis Cardinals as their business model. They are infatuated with the Cardinals' color (Red) and their amazing history of success in Major League Baseball. Mr. Jo is from Chongoing, China which he said has a population of 17 million people.

Chongoing intends to be the first Asian team in the National League. Mr. Jo said they would like to have the Cardinals as their team emblem but know that is impossible. They will use a red parrot which is native to their area. He said the Red Birds perched on a Gold Baseball Bat are the most beautiful team uniform emblem he has ever seen.

I am confused and somewhat dazed by this offer. I am trying to picture what Malden will look like with almost 3,000 acres of baseball diamonds, dormitories for the players, and homes and offices for the coaches and support staff. Mr. Jo said they would make full use of the aviation facilities as they intend to purchase an entire section of Busch Stadium and fly their young players back and forth to St. Louis to let them see the best team in baseball.

Mr. Jo said he would be contacting me again in the near future. His chief assistant is a man named Bo Gib Son who personified determination and convinced me that they will do what they set out to do. Interestingly, the gentleman who will be in charge of baseball operations in Malden is of Polish extraction. I only have his first name but if I heard and wrote it down correctly it was Stanislaus. He indicated that his parents were immigrants but that he himself grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania.

Ducki Jo, Bo Gib Son, and Stanislaus will be in Miami this Wednesday for the season opener of the Cardinals against (finally!) the Miami Marlins. Mr. Jo said his team would be the Chongoing Red Parrots. He did not intend to name his team after a state or a country.

The St. Louis Cardinals open the 2012 season this Wednesday April, 4. The Cardinals open at home on April 13th against the Chicago Cubs. The battle of good versus evil continues. The Chinese want to be on the side that is good.

I do not have a financial report for this past week.

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