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October 2, 2011

Posted Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at 3:47 PM

The Malden Board of Public Works proceeds apace with its plans to upgrade our wastewater treatment facility. Our engineering firm is finalizing the design, and the City of Malden has obtained the necessary land.

There is a meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, October 4th, at the Malden BPW office. The BPW is to meet with the board of the Dunklin County Sewer District Number One. The DCSD#1 encompasses the land just to the west of the Malden city limits primarily along "J" Highway. The DCSD#1 came into being about 1997, and by contract with the City of Malden pays to use our wastewater treatment plant for the sewage generated by its customers who number about three hundred. The DCSD#1 pays a monthly fee based on the flow in gallons into Malden's treatment facility. The same contract states, as I read it, that the DCSD#1 will pay for ten per cent of the cost of improvements to Malden's plant. Their cost of the improvements will be an estimated $200,000. I repeat estimated.

The relationship between the Malden BPW and the DCSD#1 could at best be generously described as "rocky." There is an ongoing dispute about the amount of money owed to the BPW by the DCSD#1. September 30, 2011 the BPW ended its agreement to provide service to the customers of DCSD#1. Service consisted of routine and emergency maintenance of the sewer district's pumps, sewage lines, and other equipment as specified in a separate contract between the two entities.

There is now something of a history of mutual distrust and animosity between the parties. However, we cannot just go our separate ways. They need us, and Malden has to, per the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, take their wastewater (you can fill in the French word m____ here). Malden is not required to perform routine service for the district.

Have we solved the outstanding issues? That remains to be seen. How have we reached the point of a joint meeting of the parties? We did it the old fashioned way. We had our lawyer talk to their lawyer. Who will show up for the meeting? I know I will, and I believe our BPW will. I will be willing to wage, pardon the pun, both lawyers will. They do these things for a living. Is this meeting and its end result of any importance to the citizens of Malden and the customers of the Dunklin County Sewer District Number One? I guess you could say it is all about the end result of one of the most basic of human functions, and that function should generate more than just curiosity from the body politic.

Halloween is twenty-nine days away. Councilwoman Rogers asked at our last city council meeting if Malden was planning a Halloween Parade. My answer was that as far as I know the City of Malden has never planned or sponsored any parade. The City of Malden grants a parade permit to the sponsoring organization. I spoke a little earlier to my cousin-in-law Gina Santie. As of this minute Ms. Gina is the sponsoring organization, the organizer, the prize committee, tuba player, roadblocker, horse poop scooper, and general grand poobah of Malden's Halloween Parade. This kind of effort and dedication will get you an award as Malden's Citizen of the Year. This kind of effort will wear you out. If anyone cares about a Halloween Parade in 2011 and for the years to come, then call Gina or contact the Malden Chamber of Commerce and say very loudly and clearly, "I would like to volunteer my time and ability." I promise you that your volunteerism will be cheerfully and gratefully accepted.

The financial report is as follows:

September 23, 2011
Balance $1,339,082.23
Revenues $83,619.16
Expenses $159,924.09
September 30, 2011
Balance $1,262,777.30

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