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September 18, 2011

Posted Wednesday, October 5, 2011, at 3:20 PM

I have sent the following memo to all of the appropriate parties:

"Effective October 1, 2011 the city will assume direct control and responsibility for the airport parcels listed on Attachment 1 (subject to tenant's rights).

Farm 7920-ID3 7/8/9 will be used as part of the upgraded wastewater treatment system

The city will be responsible for all future agreements with third parties as those agreements pertain to the listed tracts.

This change in procedure should simplify the coordination needed during the engineering, construction, and start-up phases of the wastewater treatment upgrade.

It is my desire that this procedural change be understood and accepted by each of you. The citizens of Malden deserve each of us to continue to strive to make Malden an even better place to live and work.

The past and continuing efforts of the airport board and manager are recognized and appreciated."

The City of Malden has been ordered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater equals sewage. The Malden Board of Public Works raised our water and sewer rates last October to finance the cost of the upgrade. The plan presented by the engineering firm hired to design the facility envisions the use of approximately 431 acres of land. The City of Malden owns 2,850 acres of land generally known as the Malden Airport.

My discussions with the airport board led me to believe that they believed a lease from the City of Malden to the City of Malden was the solution. The lease would have cost approximately $140 per acre per year for the thirty year term of the lease. Such a lease would cost the Malden rate payers $1, 810,200 for the length of the lease. That is a conservative figure.

I have stated frequently and publicly that I will not sign any document that requires the people of Malden to pay for land that they own. Malden has a deed to the land. Our city attorney has informed me that he cannot create a lease where the lessee and lessor are the same party. He can correct me if misquote him.

The crux of this matter is the deed given to the City of Malden in 1948 by the United States of America. Malden was given the land with a covenant that all income from the land must be used for "the betterment and furtherance of aviation." I believe that the memo I have distributed will comply with the covenant.

If I am correct, then Malden's citizens will be enabled to build their new wastewater treatment plant that is required by the State of Missouri for one-half of the projected cost. It is a fight worth the battle. I hope it is not an internecine war.

The financial report is as follows:

September 9, 2011 Balance $1,360,074.03

Revenues $132,666.44

Expenses $125,398.12

September 16, 2011Balance $1,367,342.35

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