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August 7, 2011

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at 1:35 PM

I must get my beauty rest tonight. Tomorrow morning I am to be interviewed and filmed for a television spot. It seems that KFVS plans to showcase our home town of Malden. I believe I am supposed to say "Hello" and "Welcome" and then get out of the way. I have heard that the French choose someone to be La Belle Francais. Currently, the face of France is Catherine Deneuve. Ms. Deneuve is a very pretty woman. Must I be the face of Malden? Possibly they can Photoshop me, and I will look something like Sean Connery. Mr. Connery was born in 1930 which might work. I will settle if they just choose a picture of Cousin Phil who is much younger than me.

Things are about the same in our fair city. We battle to keep our utility rates as low as we can, fight to keep the vandals from destroying our parks, try to keep all the vacant and vacated properties mowed when the humidity is high and the temperature is over 100 degrees. Bermuda grass loves heat and humidity as do most of the weeds common to our area. It still beats January.

I noticed that our neighbors to the south in Kennett are suffering something of a political tempest. They elected a new mayor in April, and now the Kennett City Council has decided that he should not have the authority to communicate with the Kennett City Clerk. I mention this because sometimes we here in Malden think we are unique on this planet Earth. I hear someone say, "Only in Malden can we _!" Well, when I first took office as mayor in 2004, the city council passed an ordinance that I couldn't talk to the city clerk. I vetoed the ordinance and enough of the council stood with me that the ordinance did not become law. The ordinance was probably illegal anyway. The next time someone tells you "Only in Malden....." remember this tale. Mark Twain said, "Man is the only animal that blushes, or has reason too."

The City of Malden has spent about $14,000 paying off the debt of the municipal golf course. The club house and equipment are now debt free. There is some question with PNC, the creditor for the golf carts, as to the amount needed to settle with them. I believe we will be able to pay the golf course debts for less than the $36,000 the city council allocated. I am waiting for a return call from PNC.

I have been asked to insert a public service announcement in this space. The good people, and I do mean the very good people, who plan our annual Labor Day Homecoming want everyone to make a special effort to, "Make our town shine." The Alumni Association has asked that the windows shine, the store fronts be clean, sidewalks swept, and the grass be cut and manicured citywide. Wonderful people in the association work hard for Malden. They have planted trees, painted the Community Center, landscaped with flowers and grass, and good Lord, there is a bandstand in Malden to be proud of! Your friends and neighbors have done an enormous amount of hard physical labor and devoted many hours of their time to Malden. When those who grew up here come back for a visit, our Alumni Association wants to make them proud of their home town.

Ms. Cindy Lester has created a web site of FAVORITES that is called, "If You Grew Up In Malden." That site has over a thousand members. A big part of that thousand people will be coming to see us on Labor Day Weekend. Home is still that place when you go there they have to take you in. We want to take them in and maybe bring some of them back.

The financial report is as follows:

July 29, 2011
Balance $1,257,147.83
Revenues $102,699.78
Expenses $151,255.87
August 5, 2011
Balance $1,208,591,74

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