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July 24, 2011

Posted Monday, July 25, 2011, at 9:13 AM

Fifty two years ago today the Coasters were in the top ten list of rock and roll hits singing ALONG CAME JONES. I include that bit of useless information to, (a) fill up space in the paper, (b) see if anyone remembers the Coasters, and (c) if you remember the Coasters can you sing any of the lyrics to POISON IVY? You get "extra credit" for knowing the lyrics to ALONG CAME JONES!

I believe the Malden City Council deserves "extra credit" for demonstrating the will power to attempt to solve the financial problems of the Malden Municipal Golf Course. Hopefully, the United States Congress has as much fortitude to deal with our national financial issues. Last Monday night the Malden City Council voted to pay the existing long term debts of the golf course. The debt amounts to about $36,000. It was a tough issue, and council members wrestled with it. In the end I think the right decision was reached. The council's action added roughly $2,500 a month to the golf course's bottom line. Most of the golf course board members were in attendance at the council meeting. Those board members heard the council's struggle to come to grips with the problem. They heard the council's statement that the course must operate on a "cash only" basis in the future. Everyone from the city council to the golf course board is well aware of the financial problem and anyone who was at the meeting should now be very clear as to the views and positions of all concerned. It is my fervent hope that we can save the golf course. If we didn't have it then life in Malden would go on. Because we have it, maybe life in Malden can go on a little better.

The City of Malden bought a new police car and passed resolutions dealing with utility easements for the new drug store under construction and improvements to the railroad spur leading into the industrial park. These are all good things. Malden is fighting the good fight to make us a good place to live and work. Check out the improvements being made to our city parks. You will be pleasantly surprised. I still hope to build a skate park in Malden. I will never do a "Wilson," but I hope to live to see it done.

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