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March 20, 2011

Posted Monday, March 28, 2011, at 11:17 AM

A loud thank you to the Bernie Mules! The so called "dirty dozen" played their hearts out this season and came up one game short of a state championship. The Mules are sort of like the old Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1940' and 50's. The Dodgers would win the National League and then always come up just short in the World Series. The Brooklyn cry was, "Wait until next year!" I believe the Bernie Mules have played for the Missouri State Championship four times and have not YET won it. Wait until next year!

What's Bernie got to do with Malden? Hey, they are our neighbors, and they are only eight miles up the road. We are all in this thing together of trying to keep the Bootheel going in these hard economic times. The Bernie Mules entertained the heck out of us and displayed that old American truth that hard work and perseverance will take you a long way in life and basketball.

I received the following e-mail on March 19th:


I noticed in your weekly column, the Mayor's Diary, that there is some concern in Malden regarding utility rates. Gotta tell you, folks there have it made. My average cost per KWH is 10.75 cents. My plan, one of the cheapest around, charges 12.6 for 500 KWH, 10.9 for 1000 KWH and 10.7 for 2000 KWH. 14+ cents per KWH is not at all unusual. Of course in Texas, electricity has been deregulated, so, plan qualification and the subsequent rate depends upon a number of factors, including record of payment. I would love to pay 6.5 cents per KWH. I could cut my $600 July bill by 40%.

See! People do read your column!!


"Rex" is known to me and most of his old friends in Malden as "Billy Rex." We call him "Billy Rex" to distinguish him from his late father Rex West. Rex West was, for many years, the manager of the Malden Lumber Company now named Barton's. Mr. West and his wife owned and operated the Malden Flower Shop for many years. Rex senior's widow still lives in Malden. Rex, Sr. also served for many years on the Malden City Council. If memory serves me Rex, Sr. was the first city councilman to represent Spoonerville after it was annexed into Malden in 1957.

I have three reasons for placing Rex Jr's. e-mail in this "column." One, it fills up space that I don't have to write. Two, it is very topical for Malden and comes from a reliable source. Three, I don't have to write a return e-mail to Billy Rex. He can just read his paper.

There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Malden City Council tomorrow night (Monday, March 21). There are, as usual, a number of items on the agenda. All of those items will have or could have an impact on you personally. Please stay involved or get involved. Our city council meetings are always open, always have been open, and always will be open as long as I have anything to do with it.

I will end with where I started this. We can all take a lesson from the Bernie Mules' "dirty dozen". If we don't quit on our town and our region, we can achieve success. We don't necessarily have to be the best, but there is nothing wrong with being among the best.

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