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The Seven Myths of College

Posted Monday, November 29, 2010, at 8:43 AM

As a freshman college student at SEMO, I had some misperceptions about college that I found were simply not true after I began my first semester. These are some of those misperceptions.

1. "College classes are NOTHING like high school classes."- College, for me, has been a lot like high school. As a SEMO student, the class sizes have been about the same, professors act and teach like high school teachers(and use the same methods), and the work load is about the same. There are differences, of course, like not going to class all day and not being made to go to class but as far as the actual 'classes', expect the normal.

2. "Your professors will be strict about deadlines and do not allow any exceptions."-While professors won't accept the old 'my dog ate my homework' excuse, most will be lenient when it comes to special circumstances.

Note: While professors will budge on deadlines sometimes, scholarship criteria will NOT be negotiable so do not be lacking on those.

3. "College students have to learn to teach themselves because college professors will not take time to provide extra help when needed."-With a few exceptions, college professors have always taken time to answer questions in class and most have office hours where you can find them for extra help or tutoring.

4. "College classes are very large."-While there are large classes (my largest is in a lecture hall with 100 people in it) most classes only have at the most 20 people in them. This makes it much easier to form relationships with your classmates and professors.

5. "For transportation, a good car is necessary."-Although college kids will probably want a good car for commuting back and forth to college, your vehicle won't be used that much. Most locations for college students are within walking distance. For things that aren't, shuttles are sometimes offered and these are often less of a hassle then going all the way to your car which will have to be parked at a designated area.

6. "The freshman 15 is imminent."-While some kids do gain weight their freshman year, some stay the same weight and some even lose weight. With all the walking necessary when getting to classes and a healthy diet, staying a healthy weight is very possible. Most colleges also have recreation centers where students can exercise.

7. "College parties happen every night."-College students are busy, just like in high school. There are more social events offered to college students during the week though. Such nights as 'free movie night', concerts, or comedians often come to entertain on campus during the week. It has been my experience that the majority of students aren't partying.

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