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Guide to Black Friday

Posted Thursday, November 18, 2010, at 12:02 PM

It's that time of year again, where families all gather to have a lovely feast of Thanksgiving type foods. And it's that time of year again, where people go crazy for the BLACK FRIDAY SALES.

The Thanksgiving dinner has become to some, just a prequel to the gigantic sales that go on the day after the big turkey day. Now it may sound as if I am forgetting to be thankful and spend time with my family, but honestly I'm not. My family has the traditional meal on Thursday, and then quality family time is spent with family and friends. As for the last 10 years, I have become one of the crazies at Wal-Mart as early as 2:15 a.m. I love it. It's the thrill of getting those sale items that the sleepy heads won't. It's the tradition of getting up that early in the morning with some of my family members and then possibly even joining a friend or two at the stores. And if you go to the same store each year, and you grew up in that said town, you more than likely will know some of the people waiting in line, just like you are.

My only gripe is, this is not the city so for those who live in small towns where they may have a Wal-Mart or any other type of chain store; there is no reason for there to be the crazy lines of thousands of people waiting. So could someone please tell me why there are incidents of people trampling others, or some taking items from others cart, or causing fights over items? It's just absolutely ridiculous to act this way. If you don't get the item you wanted, it obviously is not meant for you to have that item, whether it is for yourself or as a present. Don't take the fun out of Black Friday and ruin it for yourself or for others. Please be kind, have fun with it, and relax.

We are all there for the same experience, and I know it's not realistic to think we all can get along. There will always be that "one" person who causes trouble for everyone. Either way, it's not going to stop me from one of my Thanksgiving traditions. For me, I get up, get dressed, and then head out the door. Once I arrive at the store, I stake out where the items are that I would like to purchase. I then either start the line or join the line for that specific purchase. If I'm there early enough, I usually strike up deals with other folks. I will grab what they need and vice versa. It's all about teamwork and remaining calm. This is not "supermarket sweep" where you run up and down the aisles like a chicken with their head cut off. Pace yourself, get what you need and then prepare for the long wait at the checkout. Once you are out of the store, treat yourself to a donut or a cappuccino. You deserve it for all your hard work. Then go home, put on those comfy jammies and hop back into bed for a snooze. After all, you need your rest for all those gifts you need to start wrapping.

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