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Trick or Treat?

Posted Thursday, October 7, 2010, at 9:26 AM

With Halloween just a few weeks away, Im sure your little ones are getting in gear to collect some candy and get dressed in their favorite costume. Growing up in a Christian home, we were taught that Halloween was "Satan's Day" and were not allowed to participate in any kind of trick or treating exercises. Sometimes our church would have a special church service or they would have something called "Hallelujah Night" instead. Kids still were able to get their candy fix, and the church would normally have some type of games for everyone to play.

with all this said, I am now married to a family that absolutely adores Halloween and everything that comes with it. They annually go to the haunted houses, any type of scary movie that is playing, and I have yet to see them dress in anything remotely cute for halloween. It must be scary, gross, and in my opinion, sometimes demonic. I do now pass out candy to the neighborhood kids, and have been known to dress as something funny for Halloween a time or two.

I usually let them talk and get all hyped up for their regular Halloween activities, but if they begin to take it too far, I usually have to remind them that all spirits are real. Good and Bad, I believe they are real. I have encountered many spirits or ghosts in my lifetime. I have always felt as if I was sensitive towards those types of paranormal activities.

For instance, my husbands uncle passed away, while we were away on vacation. It was a sudden illness and my husband didn't get the chance to tell him goodbye or even prepare himself for his uncles's passing. He and his uncle were very close. After the funeral services and a few weeks had passed, I began to notice that every time I would close and lock our balcony door, in the morning the balcony door would be open about an inch wide. At first, we just thought that we both had forgotten to close the door. Then one night I asked my husband to close and lock it up. He did so, and in the morning it was open again. He both couldn't believe it.

I told my husband that I felt as if it were his uncle unlocking and opening the door. He didn't know what to think. After about of month of this going on everyday, one night I once again, closed and locked the balcony door. As I turned to walk to our bedroom, someone tapped me on my shoulder. It was not my husband, because he was in our bedroom asleep. It was just the two of us in the house, so I was startled. Right then and there, I turned toward where the tapping on my shoulder came from and said out loud, "Uncle Pete, I don't care if you are here in our house, just please do not scare me anymore." Oddly enough, from that night forward the balcony door

never was open again in the morning, and no more taps on my shoulder. All Uncle Pete wanted was recognition.

One more occurrence for ya. I had surgery a few years ago. It was my very first surgery and I was terrified. I was so upset and scared out of my mind. Now a little back story. Growing up I was extremely close to my grandparents. Within the past 10 years I grew very close to an older man, grandfather like figure, that I worked with. This man passed away two months before my surgery. I went in for my surgery, and Im not quite sure when this happened, but I know it happened. All I remember is, I was laying in the hospital bed and there were 5 angel-like beings, with no faces, around my bed. Immediately I knew that two of the beings were my grandparents, and then I realized that one of them was this older gentleman.

I was not thinking about these people at all that day. Trust me, I was so scared for my life, literally, that all I could do was cry. The other two beings, I do not know who or what they were. I like to think that they were my guardian angels.

I know it sounds strange, and you may say I'm crazy, but I do believe that there are spirits out there. I do not entertain the bad, evil spirits. I have had dealings with those too. I have walked into certain homes, or places and just had a terrible, heavy feeling come over me. I have gone to haunted places, out of curiosity, and had to leave the premises due to either hyperventilation or uncontrollable crying. Spirits are very real in my world.

I try to stay away from the evil ones, including all the things my extended family loves. I will stick to the other types of spirits that seem to leave me with a warm feeling or a comforting feeling.

No matter how you believe or not believe, be careful and have fun no matter how you choose to observe Halloween.

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