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Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2010, at 10:05 AM

Men's hair...women's hair...my hair, your hair...wasn't there a song about that way back there in the dark ages...Everybody sing! " Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen"... No? Ok.

Over the course of this summer I have noticed a disturbing trend among men of all ages I come in contact with and that includes the players on my (formerly) favorite baseball team. They all keep shaving their hair down to the nub. As a woman I find it very annoying to see all these men walking around with so little interest in looking nice for their wives/girlfriends/moms/total strangers who might enjoy seeing a full head of hair on a man...ANY MAN! Now, in some very specialized circumstances The buzz is justified...in lieu of a comb-over, perfectly acceptable...you have discovered little critters in your hair...by all means, be my guest...you have a really round shiny head that is just screaming to get out...OK, maybe... You're just too danged lazy to be bothered to use shampoo "I can just wash it with my wash rag!" I don't THINK so!

Of course the other reason frequently sighted is that it's a lot cooler...not if you stop and think about the actual result of shaving your head...the sweat that you do have because, hey, it's hot out there, runs right down into your eyes. The solution for that is a hat or doo(?) rag. I'll make a bet that's no cooler than the hair was...plus sweat burns when it gets in your eyes. God put hair on your head for a reason people...it's your own natural cooling system.... keep it if you can.

Have you noticed that odd squeaking noise when you are watching a Cardinals game?(if any of you still are...but that's another column) You know, I figured out what it was the other night...it's their sweaty, bald heads sliding around in their batting helmets...yes, really! That must be annoying and may actually be the key to their recent hitting slump...can't concentrate on the ball for all that infernal "eek, eek, eek" in their ears all the time.

Which brings me to the ladies side of my hair thoughts. I went to watch a volleyball game this evening...high school girls. There was all kinds of hair there. Now as I'm sure you know (or remember) high school is all about the hair. Female athletes do NOT shave their heads or even do anything practical with their hair unless it looks good that way...they tend to put it in ponytails with matching hair bows. Tonight's hair forward team member even had a "bump" in her hair so her ponytail didn't look too flat. If you are unfamiliar with the "bump" just ask any girl older than 10 and she probably will have no trouble describing it to you...may even have one in her hair she can show you. They had their hair colored, highlighted, permed, straightened and even bumped...just to look good...and ladies and gentleman...they weren't worried about it looking good for each other...it was for the guys! And strangely enough, while wearing hair they won one match of 3 games...very many great shots were made and returned...what, you may ask, does this have to do with their hair? Nothing really...just proves it is possible to play a sport without shaving your head!

If women all said "hey, I am just tired of messing with this hair. No more color (I'd be totally gray, prematurely I assure you) )..no more new hair cuts, perms, curling iron, flattening irons etc. etc... I'm going to shave it off " the collective male roar of "NO" would be heard around the world. They love our hair!

Why are we women not entitled to see you guys looking your best? Because that is basically what's going on here...They are just tired of messing with it so they don't....and trust me boys, most of you don't have the heads to carry off that look.

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Two thumbs up! I completely agree with this point. Hair should be there!

-- Posted by waverunner on Wed, Sep 1, 2010, at 10:17 AM

Ok, I love it.. you are so right on many levels. I date a guy who happens to shave his head. Bald and proud you might say. I love the "bump" I'm guilty of the "bump" but the "bump" is gone by the time I get to work. Thought about buying the "bump it" just wasn't really sure if it stayed in. But hey if you can play volleyball and it still stays in place then I should have no problem..

-- Posted by shhs1991 on Wed, Sep 1, 2010, at 1:36 PM

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